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Avoiding 5 Pitfalls of Marketing Automation

When used correctly, technology will enable businesses to reach their goals. Unfortunately, several businesses have a poor experience with marketing automation tools early on. Poor strategies and investments will create trouble for both sales and marketing alignment. Here are five common marketing automation pitfalls to avoid

  1. Lack of strategic focus. Companies must understand the connection between marketing and sales to truly capitalize on automated marketing processes. If you don’t have a proven methodology, automating the process will not change the results. In fact, it may highlight the existing dysfunction. CC&A will help you to find the right focus.
  2. Lack of meaningful investments. Unfortunately, many executives look at technology pricing before considering long-term value. As a result, they allow for unsupported implementation of poor quality automation tools. It is important to invest in serious research before selecting the first tool that meets your budget expectations. Get everyone within your company on board and select a tool that will get you ahead.
  3. Automating the wrong activities. You can and should automate contact management, email marketing, social media posts and content posting. You can even automate follow-up scheduling for sales representatives. However, you should not automate every communication channel. Your audience will begin to notice when communications are canned. Always balance automated activities with live interactions from staff-members. Develop a process to handle lifecycle interactions, and get every marketing, sales and customer success agent involved. SEO Case Study
  4. Using unhelpful benchmarks. The right measurements have a tremendous impact on the efficacy of marketing automation. Quality often trumps quantity in online engagement analytics. Ensure your measurement tactics focus on consumers likely to convert, rather than those you could identify from a mile away as a low-quality lead. Try targeting conversion pathways and the number of sales you generate from each marketing pathway.
  5. Separating marketing and sales professionals. Marketing automation can only do so much. To truly succeed, companies should encourage marketing and sales teams to collaborate on generating qualified leads and then follow through. In the digital world, the lines between marketing and sales are blurred. Collaboration can improve marketing tool utilization and drive revenue streams.

Marketing automation has an immense potential for success, but can also crash and burn. Keep your business moving forward with help from the team at CC&A Strategic Media. Reach out to learn more today.

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