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Custom Graphics

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Businesses need more than clip art, stock photos, and a generic logo to stand out in the saturated world of digital marketing and brand creation. If you’re operating with the same fonts, color schemes, and logos your company used year ago, it might be time to liven up your brand. At CC&A, we have graphic designers on staff who can help you with any and all graphics requests.

Custom Graphics That Stand Out

Excellent graphic design draws the eye, sends a message, and elicits an emotional response. The color, balance, contrast, proportion, and space in a graphic all affect its overall look and feel, and each component is vital to developing images that further your company’s marketing goals. At CC&A, our designers spend time with clients to fully understand their vision before working on a unique and custom design. Our company commonly handles graphics requests for:

  • Website overhauls
  • Logo creation or modification
  • Marketing campaign content
  • Social media content
  • And more

High Quality Custom Graphics From CC&A

The design team at CC&A can match your company’s personality. If you want a design that’s classic, timeless, fresh, modern, or funky, we can develop a graphics design that accurately reflects your brand and vision. At CC&A, our designers take pride in the craftsmanship of each custom graphics request we receive, making each finished product a true work of art. Contact us today to start working on your graphics request.

Logo Design

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Your logo is the embodiment of your brand. If it’s outdated or clashes with what your organization stands for, you won’t get the ideal response from consumers. Successful logos make viewers happy to wear, carry, or use branded items. In fact, effective logos are so ingrained in our memories that some games are dedicated to guessing the brand. Is your brand strong enough that someone would be able to recognize your logo if your name was missing from the image?

Logo Design That Fits Your Brand

At CC&A, we start every logo design by getting to know your brand. We ask questions, read content, and get a feel for your brand identity. Then we sit down to discuss color, messaging, and imagery. All of these factors make a difference in the outcome of your design, and the last thing we want is for our clients and end-consumers to be underwhelmed by a logo unveiling.

Your logo doesn’t have to directly tie into what your business does. The Starbucks logo features a mermaid, not coffee beans. Designing a logo is a company’s opportunity to really think about your long-term mission, values, and personality and come up with something that’s creative and visually striking, yet unequivocally associated with your brand.

Let CC&A Help You Transform Your Company With a Great Logo

The time to get started on your logo is now! If you’ve been sitting on the fence about a concept or you’re not sure about any one aspect, bring us what you have. Our team of designers won’t stop working until you’re fully satisfied with the end product. Call us to get started today.

Brand Creation

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Without a solid brand, it’s difficult for any business to get noticed. Your organizations brand is its personification. It’s the backbone that will draw customers back to your company time after time, so you can’t afford for it to be bland. If someone looks at your business plan and doesn’t get a distinct feel for your brand, it’s time to look for professional help.

Focusing on Brand Creation

Creating a loyal customer base takes time, but creating a winning brand doesn’t have to. Often, a brand is already hidden in a business plan, an entrepreneur’s spirit, or a team approach to the business; all your company needs is a little help filling in the details and running with the idea. There are a few basic rules for brand creation that we always recommend clients think about:

  • Focus. Trying to do too many things with your brand at once can be dangerous and costly. You can always add segmentation to the brand later on.
  • Simplify. The name, color scheme, tagline, and mission should be clear and concise. The idea is to make everything as memorable as possible.
  • Choose. It’s confusing for consumers when you try to make a brand seem whimsical and classic or unique and traditional. Find one discerning quality, and make it your overarching theme.

Let CC&A Help Develop Your Brand

At CC&A, we help companies come up with brand names as well as overall branding missions and identities. All your team needs to do is bring us what you have, and we’ll get started developing a brand that consumers will remember. Contact us today for more information about brand creation.


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Over time, CC&A has realized that we need to offer more than technical skill for the best service. Many of our clients want a partner they can count on to provide industry insight and deliver customized planning to meet a range of marketing goals. Our team of professionals at CC&A offers consulting, implementation, and support solutions so we can serve our clients from start to finish.

Consulting Solutions Customized for Your Business

Your business isn’t like the one down the street or like your strongest competitor; it’s wholly unique. With the right consultancy backing you up, you can implement solutions that highlight your strengths in the industry and yield measurable ROI. Whether your company is a startup creating a new website, overhauling its online marketing strategy, or needs guidance creating a marketing strategy, CC&A is ready to help.

CC&A Consulting for Digital Marketing

We help enterprises in all stages of the business cycle. Over 15 years of industry insight and a dedication to maintaining up-to-date knowledge allows us to deliver exceptional solutions our clients trust. From creating a brand to measuring the success of a 25th anniversary promotional campaign, we have the expertise, attention to detail, and personal attention you’ve been looking for. Give us a call to learn more about our approach to online services today.

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