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How to Increase Lead Generation

10 Ways to Increase Leads

The main goal of a marketing campaign is to create content that will attract new and existing customers. Lead generation is the process that attracts a person with interest in your product or service and converts them into a returning customer. Without leads, your business will fail. Your lead generation plan can be more successful if it utilizes the following methods.

1. Review Your Landing Page

Your first impressions need to be strong enough to create a conversion. When customers reach your site, your landing pages need to be engaging. Every page on your site is an opportunity. Review what is engaging traffic on your site the most and refine it.

2. Include Social Proof

This method is most effective in building trust in your relationships with customers. Providing social proof that your company is the best choice for your client will increase their likelihood of choosing you. Building credibility isn’t a quick process, but it one that will pay off in the long run.

3. Use Visuals

Most people are visual learners. Having visuals that include photo or video in your materials will increase their appeal. If used successfully, visuals can create engagement and lead customers to action. Some of the most commonly used visuals are infographics, animated GIFs, memes, and video. If you have questions about how to increase lead generation using visuals, we will be happy to help.

4. Create an Exchange

Each visit to your website is an opportunity for a conversion. Leads need to be promoted to stay. An effective way of achieving this is by offering one thing for another. If a lead enters your site for information, offer them more resources in exchange for an email. This process is simple, but it converts a lead into a customer.

5. Stay Engaged

An active audience is one that will stay engaged. Posting on social media and frequently interacting with your audience is a great way to show potential customers the time and effort you put into your business. Marketing automation tools such as HubSpot, Mautic, and Pardot (just to name a few) have robust features to help your audience stay engaged. It is imperative to keep people engaged when developing a pipeline that contains warm leads.

6. Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships take many forms; however, they all serve a purpose. Collaborating with business partners can help you connect with a larger community. These partnerships take time to create, but they have the potential to drive leads for your business. Strategic partnership come in many forms, such as channel partners, resellers, joint-ventures, etc. Ensure you select a strategic partnership that makes the most sense for your organization.

7. Consistent Branding

This method revolves around design and its initiation. When customers and leads access your materials, whatever they may be, they need to be easily recognizable as your branding. It reflects positively on you, your brand, and the organization of your company.

8. Design with Purpose

This strategy focuses on the “why” behind every action. When leads access your website for the first time, they only view its content for a few seconds before deciding whether to continue to read more. The design of your site is vital for conversions.

9. Remove Distraction Points

When trying to create a conversion, you want to make a lead’s options simple. If you’re creating an opportunity for the lead to convert, you want to make it easy for them. Your webpage design and your pages for signing up for resources, should have less options on the page for this reason. Create less choices for less confusion.

10. Your Words Matter

How you word what you’re trying to say impacts your message. Using key words and phrases that evoke emotion and create a call-to-action increase the likelihood of your message being received. Utilizing these words will cause higher lead conversion.

These are just a few methods to increase your lead generation. The more you refine and perfect your lead generation tools, the more leads you will have that convert to customers. Proper lead generation increases the efficiency of your sales team. Using inbound marketing strategies your sales department should expect a consistent flow of warm leads.

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