Targeted Marketing ENSURES Strong ROI

Targeted Marketing

Measuring Success

Measuring your digital marketing success can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Whether you’re an attorney promoting your firm, a chiropractor searching for new patients, or another professional who needs to stay involved with new technology, you want to be sure your site reaches the right audience.

Measuring SEO Success Equals Improvements

In the digital marketing world, measuring your progress is everything. If you can accurately measure the components of your digital strategy, you can continually improve. The experts at CC&A have a meticulous and nuanced process for monitoring digital marketing success. Our process ensures improvements over time.

We will create, monitor, and analyze a digital strategy that’s specifically tailored for your unique business. CC&A will regularly analyze the following factors to measure your success:

  • Pages that get the most traffic
  • Overall search engine traffic
  • Referral traffic
  • Direct navigation
  • Visits referred using specific search terms
  • Conversion rates in relation to search query
  • And much more!

Go Beyond Google

Yes, Google is the powerhouse of search, but many businesses only use Google Analytics to determine if their content reaches people. While this is an excellent tool, consider others to add more depth to your measurements, such as traffic from both your blog and competing ones.

Additionally, remember that Google uses algorithms like Panda and Penguin to discipline websites whose SEO isn’t up to par. If your website is new or you’re revamping your digital strategy, you may want to focus on other search engines, as well.

Trust the Experts at CC&A

As one of the top digital marketing & advertising firms, we offer the latest and most successful strategies for measuring your marketing success. We will track and analyze your data, links, rankings, social referrals, and more. Give us a call to learn more about our approach.

Organic SEO/SEM

Many business owners are familiar with the terms SEO and SEM – Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. However, we at CC&A consistently see clients who don’t use these critical tools to their fullest advantage. At CC&A, we can help ensure your SEO and SEM strategies naturally pull in clients to help grow your business.

Organic SEO for More Web Traffic

SEO and SEM are “organic” when their techniques facilitate natural placement on search engines. Organic SEO avoids strategies like keyword stuffing and burying important information deep in a website. Organic SEO avoids creating hits that may be duplicates or have misleading links and leads to high quality web traffic.

When moving forward with SEO and SEM for your business, CC&A will help you utilize the following (and more) to make sure all your customized strategies lead to organic web traffic:

  • Long-tailed keywords
  • Appropriate keyword density
  • Backlinking and link-building
  • Integrated Calls To Action (CTAs)
  • Quality meta data
  • Social media integration and engagement
  • High-quality, rotated content
  • Keyword-optimized image names and alt tags
  • Video use

Collaborate With CC&A for Better Results

CC&A Strategic Media has one of the best SEO departments around. Our team is familiar with all levels (local, national, and international) of SEO and SEM. Our staff is trained to use Google tools, and we’ll ensure you’re reaping the results of it. Additionally, we’ll help you choose the keywords, links, and information that will make your website perform well on any search engine. Contact us for more information today.

Social Engagement

Most businesses have a presence in social media, whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, or any of the countless other social networking platforms. However, merely having a social media account is no guarantee that a viewer will choose to use your business over a competitor. At CC&A, we understand how consistent social engagement increases your media presence and produces positive results by being more relevant to your clients.

Staying Socially Engaged

CC&A understands that an active social media presence can be critical for a business today. We can help you assess your media interaction and improve it. To do this, we’ll assist and advise you on these elements of social engagement and interaction:

  • Delivering consistent updates
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Using media management tools
  • Finding the right balance of self-promotion
  • Using visuals to capture interest
  • Targeting and interpreting your audience
  • Diversifying your platforms and formats
  • Monitoring your media engagement
  • Growing your audience
  • Strategically using hashtags
  • Using content sharing websites

Talk to CC&A About Social Media Marketing

We offer several social media marketing services tailored to your specific needs, including analytics of your current social media accounts. You can contact us at any time with all your social media questions, including how to keep viewers engaged, how to use social media to improve financials, and how to measure your accounts success.

Content Marketing

Most seasoned businesses know what traditional marketing entails – finding new clients, setting up social media accounts, making phone calls, and sending emails. Content marketing, though, has a separate set of rules. Fortunately, CC&A Strategic Media can help you navigate the contemporary marketing world.

Content Marketing for Brand Building

At CC&A, we understand that content marketing can be essential to maintaining a business. We can help you do the following with your content marketing:

  • Develop a voice. Good writing is an integral element of content. A company that wishes to be successful in sharing its content should develop a recognizable tone and style.
  • Know your SEO. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the key to successful content marketing. Google and other search engines use algorithms such as Panda and Penguin to “discipline” websites whose SEO doesn’t their standards.
  • Rotate old content to keep existing customers coming back for more.
  • Ask clients about content they’d like to see and show that you value their input.
  • Answer questions your clients are likely to generate and enter into search engines.
  • Create a consistent and individualized narrative for your business that clients will become familiar with.
  • Create consistent content. Content should be consistent both in quality and amount, so your business builds trust with your audience.

How CC&A Can Help

CC&A Strategic Media has served their customers since 1999, helping them develop creative and relevant digital marketing strategies. When you contact us, we will coach you in developing consistently engaging content (and can even do for you) unique to your organization.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Many businesses shy away from the idea of paying for anything online, particularly services or subscriptions related to garnering web traffic or business. However, used correctly, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can work well for you and your business. With CC&A’s help, you can use PPC Advertising to improve your own financials and get and keep clients eager to pay for your services and goods.

Most marketing strategies form a long-term plan that doesn’t garner immediate results. Pay Per Click Advertising is often a good strategy to integrate into your plan to create quick interest and results.

Making PPC Work for You

At CC&A, we’ll work with you to use a PPC strategy to gain and direct web traffic quickly. We’ll advice you on doing the following and more:

  • Organizing your search phrase lists. Some well-known PPC services bog users down with thousands of search phrase possibilities, lists that need to be controlled manually. Once you decide to use PPC, find a service that keeps search phrase lists short and easy to navigate. Choose your search phrases ahead of time so the service can automatically eliminate irrelevant ones or ones that aren’t searched for often.
  • Eavesdropping. In other words, frequently check your website, analytics, and competing websites to see which search phrases or ad groups generate the most conversation, purchases, or searches. Once you know what draws clients, you can focus more energy on those terms or ad groups and find ones similar to the successful groups.
  • Using great SEO. Your quality score, based on search phrase relevance + user experience, determines the cost per click. If you want to increase cost per click and client interest, you need the right SEO techniques. These include long-tailed keywords, up-to-date content, and posts that capture users visual and audial interest.
  • Including a call to action. It might seem obvious or simple, but tell your audience exactly what you want them to do. Tell them to click, and tell them what they’ll find – and how it’ll benefit them when they do.

CC&A Can Handle Your PPC Advertising

The staff at CC&A has devoted an entire group of services to PPC Advertising, outlining how to make your digital marketing accessible, aesthetically pleasing, and relevant so PPC becomes a natural outgrowth of success. Our team is familiar with almost any marketing question, including how to increase your client draw. When you contact us, we’ll help you create a strategy users consider an investment of both time and money.

Inbound Marketing

In the past, business owners and employees had to physically go and get prospective a clients attention – cold calling, hosting fundraisers, or posting large signs advertising sales and special offers. While these techniques, called outbound marketing, are still useful, inbound marketing is much more productive in today’s marketing climate. At CC&A, we can help you to make inbound marketing successful within your organization.

Boundless Possibilities With Inbound Marketing

At CC&A, we understand that it can be difficult to capture your potential clients attention in a seemingly endless sea of information and data. We can help you do the following to ensure your information is well-timed and formatted and reaching the right eyes and ears on varied platforms:

  • Cover all your bases, when possible. With inbound marketing, you can net new clients with audiobooks, white papers, videos, blog posts, podcasts, and a plethora of other formats. If your business is smaller, we can help you determine which methods will be the best use of your resources. If you have a larger business, you might assign different pairs or teams to different formats.
  • Use SEO and marketing software wisely. You want every client who types one of your search phrases to be directed to your business, not a competitor or a poorly managed duplicate. Become familiar with good SEO strategies, marketing automation, lead nurturing, email dripping, social engagement, etc.
  • Stay active. Search the internet for relevant content you can use in posts and videos. Spend time with colleagues and other business owners learning what interests today’s client.
  • Create quality content. Maintaining a blog with consistent and quality content that directs readers to your business can be an invaluable part of your strategy.
  • Promote your content. Use your engaged social media presence to promote your content, which should be sharable and eye-catching.
  • Measuring your success. Use a tool, such as Google Analytics, to understand where your inbound traffic is coming from, and utilize that knowledge to create more traffic and refine your inbound marketing strategies.

Come to CC&A to Create an Inbound Marketing Strategy

The dedicated staff at CC&A has helped businesses and organizations create unique inbound marketing strategies. We stay on top of each new technological trend and software such as HubSpot, Marketo, Act-On, and other marketing automation and email dripping software’s. Understanding which software, automated solution, and inbound strategy warrants your investment is vital to seeing a strong return on the funds spent. Contact us today to learn more.

Software Intergration

Software integration, sometimes known as data integration, is a buzzword in the world of information technology and digital marketing today. However, for many businesses, it remains a mystery. CC&A works with data integration every day, and we’re eager to demystify it so you can utilize it to grow your organization.

Software Integration Made Simple

Software integration occurs when a client requests specific information from your website. This can be as simple as clicking on a certain link. For instance, let’s say you’re a private tutor who wants to set up a website detailing the various services you offer. If a prospective client clicks on the Math link, he or she is requesting data based on:

  • The types of math you’re an expert in
  • The days or hours during which you tutor in math
  • Statistics on how much math skills improve after using your services
  • Client testimonials

All this information can be kept in several small, organized databases. When the client makes the request, he or she is directed to the appropriate database and/or page. The database sends the requested information back to the server, which unifies it for the client. That way, he or she can easily access all your information without jumping from page to page or navigating a subset of sites.

Using Integration Properly

How you use integration depends on what kind of business you have and what methods work best for you. Like most effective marketing strategies, data integration is highly individual. Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), email marketing, and marketing automation are all part of integrative services. The ones you use most will draw more clients or customers to your site, which will increase face-to-face contact and positive feedback.

CC&A Can Help You Integrate

CC&A consults with individual businesspeople to determine which software integration techniques are the right fit for them. Some may involve several options – for example, marketing automation encompasses newsletters, emails, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. CC&A will personally walk you through each of these possibilities and what it would look like with your business. Together, we can create a strategy that caters to your technological strengths and gives you room to explore new technologies and grow.

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

A solid relationship with customers is the fundamental element of a successful business of any kind. Building these relationships face-to-face is fairly straightforward – the client can tell you what he or she needs, and you can read facial expressions, tone, and body language to determine points of contention within your system. But today, most business interactions occur anonymously through the internet. Are there ways to manage customer-business relationships without face-to-face contact? At CC&A, we know this can be achieved through an effective use of CRM.

A CRM Works

CRM, or Customer Relationship Manager, is a tool that collects data to help you determine a customers marketing needs and asses your current strategies, like how well a specific campaign is working. Businesses use CRMs to create databases containing information on popular items or services, current invoices, financial needs, sales funnels, and upcoming campaign opportunities. To use a CRM effectively, CC&A recommends keeping these steps in mind:

  • Determine your leads first. A lead refers to a person or group you think would benefit from your services. You first determine leads by setting objectives and targeting marketing toward a general audience. Once you have leads, you can place specific titles and categories within the CRM database to target your marketing toward specific groups of leads and/or individual people.
  • Stay organized. CRMs can do plenty of marketing tasks, but they can’t do all the work for you. Make sure the marketing software you’re using will integrate well with a CRM. Once you’re using the CRM, keep track of client names, account information, and so forth. Mistakes in the database can lead to dissatisfied clients and failed marketing campaigns.

With a well run and organized CRM, you can quickly get market research on your clientele and create more reliable sales forecasts. You can make customer service programs that are effective and lead to customer retention. You can redirect spending on inbound marketing based on an accurate gauge of promotional return. You can manage sales leads in a systematic and effective way. Sound worthwhile?

CC&A Can Customize a CRM for Your Business

CC&A has been building customer relations before CRMs were even conceptualized. If you’ve never used a CRM before, we’ll help you find the one that works best with your organization and software. Our staff is highly trained in marketing strategy and finding leads. Our strategies are customized, effective, and easily organized. Contact us for help building a digital marketing strategy you and your clients will love.

Shopping Cart Software

An obvious part of owning a successful online business involves getting clients to follow through with purchasing your products or services. In the past, this meant attracting them to your business storefront so they’d come in and make a purchase in-person. Today, increasing numbers of businesses use shopping cart software instead of making physical transaction. CC&A has tips that will make the use of shopping cart software seem simple.

Shopping Cart Software for Increased Sales

How can you use this software to incentivize digital transactions?

  • Place links in prominent locations. Your clients need to know online purchasing is an option as soon as they come to your site. Place the shopping cart link in an easily seen and common place, such as directly below product photos or in the dominant position of your screen’s right-hand side. Give shopping cart links a different color that will stand out within your site design, like green, yellow, or orange. Make sure your links are always active and fast.
  • Make shopping enjoyable. Popular sites make shopping fun, simulating the excitement of shopping in person without the hassle. Add a wish list feature to your shopping page so customers can keep track of what they’d like and get notified when new products will be released. Prominently display upcoming discount and sale information. Give recommendations. Provide customized suggestions, and prompt potential customers to complete their transactions.
  • Use SEO. Make phrases like “purchase X products online” or “fill your shopping cart” keywords, so clients searching for your site or service know the shopping cart is available.

CC&A and Shopping Cart Software

CC&A’s site doesn’t use a shopping cart, but we do have a “free consultation” feature tied into our CRM and marketing automation software. We also encourage customers to fill out online forms with any of their questions, including how to integrate shopping cart software into existing systems. As one of the top digital marketing and consulting firms, we can teach you to promote new products and your specialized shopping feature throughout your digital marketing strategy. Contact us for more information.

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation refers to a combination of software and strategies that make it easier to market your products and services across a number of different venues. The staff at CC&A is familiar with many marketing automation tools (HubSpot, Marketo, Act-On, and other) you can use to increase the presence and success of your business and website.

Marketing Automation: Putting It to Work for Your Business

  • Take it slowly. “Marketing automation” is a term often used when discussing businesses like Amazon. As we all know, Amazon sells many products – books, videos, beauty products, baby items, tools, tires, and clothing. Remember, however, that Amazon started out primarily as a bookseller website. Don’t try to make your website into a multi-product conglomerate overnight. Sell one or two big items or groups of items to a targeted audience. Nurture those connections, and work your way up.
  • Keep looking for new leads. Many businesses don’t seek out new clients once their sales hit a certain stride. This is a mistake that may drive existing clients away. Always be on the lookout for new clients and ways to use marketing automation. If you’re heavily dependent on podcasts, focus energy on your blog. If your website uses several videos, try still photos on some pages.
  • Update content continually. Old or dated content will cost you clients. Make sure to continually update and take advantage of new technologies.

How CC&A Can Help

At CC&A, we don’t use “marketing automation” as a buzzword or gimmick. Instead, we recognize it for what it is – a tool that makes your work easier but needs your input and time to succeed. We’ve been learning the ins and outs of new marketing technologies since 1999. We are familiar all the pros and cons of each software and which one to use for specific industry types.

Almost twenty years later, we’re ready to walk you through marketing automation options best for your organization. We offer creative, customized strategies for marketing automation, social media, SEO, SEM and many other digital marketing techniques. Contact us today.

Email Marketing Software

Email is part of our everyday lives. Often, checking email is one of the first things a person does when he or she gets up in the morning and something he or she continues doing throughout the day. However, marketing through email can have pitfalls if you don’t know how to use it properly. CC&A understands how to turn marketed emails into an asset.

Efficacy in Email Marketing

When you consult with CC&A, these are some of the first tips we’ll give you about starting an effective email marketing campaign:

  • Never flood an inbox. Nothing sends a client running faster than an inbox flooded with news updates, offers, and coupons. After the first few times this happens, your emails will likely be deleted or marked as spam. Never flood a customer’s inbox. Instead, choose the information that’s most pertinent for customers at the moment. Once you know that, narrow it down. What can be said face-to-face and what truly needs an email? You’ll find email makes up a smaller percentage of marketing than you think.
  • Follow your leads. Take your leads from general to specific. In other words, let’s say you’re a novelist designing a new website. Your target audience will be the people most interested in your genre. Once you have a thriving audience, you can send periodic personal emails or e-newsletters to specific people whose names you put in a database. This will reduce your emailing time and make your readers feel more valued.
  • Add extras to your emails. Features like pictures, video clips, and audio clips keep readers from skimming or deleting an email. If you’re a musician, spice up your emails with concert clips. If you’re in construction, embed emails with links directing clients to your latest photo gallery. However, don’t take this too far and repeat specific names too often, as this can feel like a form letter.
  • Incentivize people to read. Make sure you strike a balance between sales and content in your emails. Give information and tips, as well as offers and deals.

CC&A Has an Eye for Email Marketing

As part of our strategy creation and consulting, CC&A offers coaching on social media, software integration, email marketing, and more. We know what kinds of emails your clients will actually read. Our staff is highly trained in marketing strategy and generating leads. Our strategies are customized, effective, and easily organized. Contact us for help building a digital strategy and email marketing campaign your clients will love.

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