Lauren Aversa

Technical Support Manager CC&A Strategic Media
As a tech support manager, my experience has provided me with a vast background in not only IT and management but in marketing, advertising, customer relations, and much more. My strong attention to detail in a highly dynamic and changing environment allows me to lead efforts to ensure reliable, quality, delivery of IT services. I have experience in troubleshooting, managing technical support a team and providing solutions to software problems.

CC&A Strategic Media

CC&A Strategic Media is marketing and technology firm specializing in marketing psychology and digital communications techniques. Our ability to interpret behavioral analytics, while leveraging technology and psychology is what sets us apart. We work with our clients to ensure their communications strategies work together to maximize return on investment. Most organizations ask for our help with one, or a combination of the following:

  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Business Development & Lead Generation
  • Customer Retention & Engagement
  • Brand Recognition & Reputation Management
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