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Promoting Your Content Through Marketing Automation

After a company grows to a certain size, it may need to consider changing its marketing approach. Excel spreadsheets and basic emails only go so far. Automation allows companies to program certain activities so they can focus on core marketing and business development.

Marketing Automation and Your Content Strategy
Consistency is the basis for a great content strategy. More than anything else, publishing at regular intervals increases the likelihood that a post or video will reach the right audience. Marketing automation can improve everything from contact management to promotional content testing, allowing marketers to create material, program it, and move on. They no longer have to worry about sending an email during times with the highest open rates; a system does it for them.

Automation also allows marketers to easily open, modify, and manage existing content as necessary or when they know something big is going to change in the next 24 hours. Read more about how CC&A Strategic Media can help you create the right content strategy with time- and money-saving marketing automation.

Benefits of Marketing Automation
Marketing automation’s benefits extend far beyond saving marketers time. Automation tools such as email marketing platforms, CRM systems, and CMS systems often feature strong analytics suites for easy ROI tracking. Together, these programs can break down barriers between departments and improve customer relationships. Down the line, marketing automation leads to more intelligence, better time management, and repeat purchases.

If you want to improve the quality of your leads, understand the potential of your campaign before it ever launches, or create long-term relationships with a certain market, marketing automation can help. The data you capture from programmed activities will improve future content development and campaigns. Using the right tools can take your marketing approach from traditional to cutting-edge and competition-crushing in a limited timeframe.

The concept of automation encompasses a number of different marketing activities. It’s not just one suite of tools or set of practices, but a digitalized set of concepts companies can use to optimize online (and some offline!) content. To learn more about marketing automation potential in your business, contact CC&A Strategic Media today.

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