Kenneth K. Wexley, Ph.D.

CEO Wexley Consulting
Dr. Kenneth Wexley is president of Wexley Consulting • HRD, LLC, an internationally known consulting firm that offers practical solutions to enhance organizational, as well as individual, effectiveness. Since receiving his Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 1969, Ken has become internationally known as a consultant, educator, lecturer, researcher, and author. During Ken's 40-year consulting career, he has designed valid hiring processes for numerous plant level greenfield designs such as Columbus Cellulose Fibers; Duracell, Toshiba, and Varta; Bridgestone Tire; Columbus Modified Fibers; ARCO Aluminum; as well as Weyerhaeuser Company plants in Grayling, Michigan, in Marshfield, Wisconsin, and in Elkin, North Carolina. He has designed valid selection systems for hundreds of organizations such as AT&T, BP, Goodyear, Proctor & Gamble, Marathon Petroleum, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Shell Chemical, Mead Paper, Knight-Ridder Newspapers, and Kobe Copper. For instance, Ken is responsible for the design of every hourly job for BP, Inc in North America (i.e., all refineries, pipelines, BP Alaska, BP Chemical, and BP Gulf of Mexico). During the past 40 years, Ken has never lost a compliance review nor a court case regarding the validity of his selection systems. Ken was awarded Diplomate status in 1977 for his advanced competence as a consultant by the American Board of Professional Psychology. The very next year, he was awarded Fellow status by the American Psychological Association in recognition of outstanding and unusual contributions to the field of psychology. In 1989, Ken was granted Fellow status by the American Psychological Society for his outstanding research work. In addition, he has served on the editorial boards of five major professional journals. He has published more than 125 professional articles, as well as written ten books. In addition to his work as a consultant, Ken has been a professor at The University of California - Berkeley, the University of Akron, Michigan State University, and the University of Sheffield in England.

Wexley Consulting

Wexley Consulting ∙ HRD was founded in 1970 in Akron, Ohio. During the late 1970s, they became active in the paper and wood products industry.

In the late 1990s, the firm moved to Annapolis, Maryland. Since then, they’ve become quite active in two additional industrial sectors: the petrochemical industry as well as numerous small businesses of all types in the Baltimore-Washington corridor.

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