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How to Avoid SEO Penalties

Do you know if your website has been penalized? Sometimes a business will receive a notice, but other times it is up to the business to identify and fix a penalty. Therefore, the first priority for any business is to identify if your site has been penalized. If you are unsure or want further guidance, call on CC&A Strategic Media. We can help you understand the different types of penalties and what triggers them.

Types of Penalties
There are many kinds of penalties, but the most common are: Link, Layout, and Content. CC&A can help you understand these, as well as others. Here is a brief explanation of the most common.

Before the introduction of Google Penguin, website owners knew that the more links in content, the better their page would be ranked. This led to poor quality and spam links that did not serve the reader. This is why Google Penguin was developed. This program uses an algorithm to detect low-quality link patterns and lowers their value rankings or penalizes the entire website. If you have a Google Penguin link penalty, you won’t get a notice.

To receive a high ranking, a search engine must see your content as easy to find and reader-friendly. This means that you want your most pertinent information at the top of your page, before your reader has to scroll to continue reading. When this space is used for advertisements, your page risks getting a Google Above the Fold Penalty. The remedy for this penalty is simply to remove ads or place them lower on your page. It is important to note that it may take a few weeks for a search robot to identify this change and remove the penalty.

You’ve heard it before; high-quality content is key to positive search engine optimization (SEO). This is because software algorithms like Google Panda search for poor-quality content and give thin-content penalties to those pages. To avoid thin-content penalties, make sure your content is trustworthy, not redundant or duplicated, void of spelling and grammar errors, and concise yet specific.

Our team of experts can help you discover if your business already has content penalties, and help your business remove any weak content that will result in the removal of a penalty. Call on CC&A Strategic Media today.

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