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Inbound Marketing: Why Businesses Need a Blog

Blogging is a powerful tool to attract and engage customers because consumers think they have found your business on their own, without in-your-face marketing. If you want more traffic, you need a blog. CC&A Strategic Media can help your business harness the power of blogging. There are so many perks of blogging that many companies now see their blogs as vital parts of their inbound marketing plans.


Boost Search Engine Traffic
Every page you have on your website increases your chance of coming up in a search engine result, which increases the opportunity for more traffic to your website. A blog also increases the number of potential customers who aren’t originally looking for your product or service, but decide to stick around to learn about your company because they liked your blog. There is an art to the backlink, and CC&A can make sure your blog and links are working together so that consumers can find you naturally.


Building Authority in Your Industry
Blogging is not about direct sales; a blog positions your company as a thought leader in your industry. It provides an opportunity for potential customers to get to know your expertise and see you as a respected expert in your field. You are helping them solve a problem. If they aren’t motivated to purchase your product now, you have left a good impression on them so they may recommend your business to a friend.


A Place to Add Inbound Links
As mentioned, blogs should not be venues to sell your products, but they can contain subtle invitations to learn more about your products or services. If the blog is closely related to a product or service, it makes sense to add a link to a website page that features the particular product. This gives the reader the choice to learn more about your business.


Improving Conversion Rates
Hard-sell verbiage and other direct sales tactics annoy potential customers and make them leave your site. By creating a blog, you are providing information that will benefit them. This puts less pressure on readers and encourages them to browse your website for more information. Chances are good that, in this frame of mind, they are more likely to become a customer than with traditional sales approaches. Let CC&A Strategic Media make your blog work for you.


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