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The Importance of Keyword Research

In an attempt to reach as wide an audience as possible, many companies pull random words from their online content to use as keywords. Unfortunately, this strategy undermines the usefulness of keywords. Understanding what users are actually looking for means companies need to do their keyword research to choose the best keywords for their web content. CC&A Strategic Media can improve your keyword research for the best search engine optimization.

Quantity of Searching
Keyword research will tell you how often your keywords are being searched. If the keywords you choose are not commonly used, your page will not receive a high ranking. The team at CC&A can help you find the most common way of searching for the content you are providing.

Competition for a Keyword
Just as you don’t want to use a keyword that is uncommon, too much competition is going to make it difficult to receive a high ranking. Instead, companies want to aim for a middle ground when choosing the best keywords for their content.

Appropriate Target Audience
This, again, aims to make your keywords specific to your core market. A keyword that is too general will attract users who are not interested in your content. Your goal is to target your specific audience. If you are a lawn-mowing service, LAWN CARE may be too general and attract customers looking for landscaping and pest and weed control, as well as lawn mowing services.

Using Google Keyword Planner
This application is free and can help you do your keyword research. As long as you have a Google account, you will be able to begin searching new keywords in a phase, category, or website.

There are three options for searching:

  • Product/Service – Enter words to describe your content.
  • Landing Page – Type in your URL and it will give your relevant keywords based on the content of that page. You can also insert a competitor’s URL if you want to see what keywords they are likely using.
  • Category – Use this option in combination with the Product/Service selection to find specific keywords for a category of your business.

CC&A Strategic Media sees and understands keyword research and marketing as a science. Let them help your business set targets for location, language, and type of search, and keywords to avoid.

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