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Successful Off-Site Strategy for SEO

You probably know that keywords are necessary to include on all of your online pages, but have you addressed your off-site strategies, too? Page optimization is not enough to stay competitive. Merely focusing on on-site strategies will result in lower search engines rankings. CC&A Strategic Media can offer off-site strategies that will link back to your site and improve your search results.

Be Active on Social Networks
If you haven’t already, join every social network channel that is important to your potential customer. This is how you get your brand reputation on the internet and reach a broader target audience. Social media is also your chance to share with your brand’s fans, customers, and supporters. All this interaction pays off in search engine results, because the number of followers, comments, tweets, shares, and likes of your brand are factored into the equation. Let CC&A explain which social media is best for optimizing your market strategy.

Promote Quality Content
The quality of your content still remains a top priority, but it’s also important to follow through with promoting it. The minimum that any company should be posting on social media channels is a few times a week, but daily posting is best. Web crawlers notice the frequency of posting and reward businesses with higher search engine rankings.

Local Recognition
Any company with a physical locale should take advantage of geographical location defaults in search engine generation, such as GPS data and IP addresses. Make sure search engines know your local presence by verifying your local company page. This will increase the visibility of your website and result in more organic search results.

Link Creation Strategy
This is a powerful yet underused method of creating an off-site presence. Connecting your content to authorities in your field and search engines will boost your ranking, simply by association. CC&A Strategic Media can make off-site SEO work for your business. Find out how today.

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