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Why Memes are Popular in Social Media

People like memes. They take only seconds to read, they’re funny and easily shared, and they’re a familiar part of social media. Don’t miss out on using memes as a way to add popular humor into your brand. There are many compelling reasons to make memes a part of your social media marketing plan:

Why Businesses Should Love Memes

First of all, they are easy to make and usually cost nothing. Companies can’t ask for a better combination. Memes make a brand feel current and on trend. Discuss ways to develop your brand image and how memes would fit into that image with CC&A Strategic Media. Companies that are looking to update their images and resonate with younger audiences must utilize memes in their social media campaigns. A meme can go the distance in changing a brand’s reputation from stodgy to trendy. People really like them, and companies like to see their followers happy.

Followers who have a good experience with a meme are more likely to share it. The more people who see your meme increases the chances of it going viral. A post that has gone viral means that a company will see a huge jump in traffic that can translate to leads and sales.

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Why Followers Love Memes

There are additional benefits for followers. Memes are easy to take in when people are surrounded by an excess of information and always short on time. A reader may pass up a story, but they will have the time to look at a meme. Memes are easy to share. People get a good laugh and want to forward it to all of their friends.

How to Get Started

First, consider your audience. Does your target audience have a similar interest or knowledge base that would be good material for a joke? If your audience is familiar with popular memes, you may be able to alter a well-known meme to fit your brand in a funny or trendy way. Companies have hosted contests where followers send in their own memes based around a designated hashtag.

Of course, calling CC&A Strategic Media is a great first step.

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