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How Does Social Media Engagement Affects Your Online Following?

Many organizations take a passive approach to social media: set up an account, add a few pictures, and sit back and let the platform do the work. Then they wonder why social media doesn’t get them the results they want.

In reality, an organization should be actively engaged with its social-media followers to increase those numbers and promote the brand. Like any other relationship, it requires give and take on both sides. Here are a few ways to use engagement to increase your online following.

Use social media monitoring.

This technique, also known as social listening, uses tools to alert you to brand mentions and keywords. By monitoring what people are saying about your company or your industry, you can find opportunities to reach out and interact with users.

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Develop a brand voice.

A strong voice will help your brand–and its social-media accounts–connect with followers and influencers. Even if you provide quality content, delivering it in a formal, flat tone is unlikely to encourage engagement. Depending on your industry, a casual, humorous, and even irreverent tone (within reason) can help increase followers.

Share videos.

Video continues to grow in popularity for social-media users, and there’s a way that nearly any organization can participate. On Facebook alone, users watch millions of hours of video every day. Short videos (1 to 2 minutes) are great for Facebook and Twitter. Some ideas for video topics include how-tos, behind-the-scenes glimpses at your organization, brief interviews, customer testimonials, and even responses to complaints or questions.

Start conversations.

Encourage engagement, sharing, and interactions by starting conversations with your followers. Ask them about their experiences with your brand and to share their own stories. Ask them how you can help, and even what kind of content they would like to see.

Share others’ content.

The purpose of social media engagement is not just to talk about your brand, but to share informative, interesting content. Do this by sharing news, images, and videos that are relevant to your audience and industry. You can even tag the original creator to draw their attention. Make sure your own, original content still outnumbers the shared content.

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