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The Best Way to Build a Following on Social Media

The frequency of social media posts is a vital aspect to social media marketing. Some research has shown posting a few times a week is the minimum every company should be doing. But how often should your company post? Do different social media channels require additional posting? Is there research to back up all this work? These answers all depend on your business. Contact CC&A Strategic Media for brand-specific advice.

Below is the recommended frequency of posting per channel, but keep in mind these are benchmarks and may differ slightly for your business.

  • Twitter – three posts a day
  • Facebook – two posts a day
  • LinkedIn – once a day
  • Google+ – three posts a day
  • Pinterest – five posts a day
  • Instagram – one to two posts a day
  • Blogs – two posts a week or more

Here’s the research backing this up:

A study of 11,000 tweets found that three a day reaped the best engagement. Another study concluded that engagement declined after five posts.

Two studies concluded that posting on Facebook one to two or five to 10 times a week resulted in the most likes and shares. Learn what types of Facebook ads INCREASE BUSINESS. Download our Advanced Guide to Facebook Advertising.

Posting every weekday resulted in reaching 60% of a business’ target audience. So take a break from posting on the weekends, as most subscribers to LinkedIn are professionals who view LinkedIn during their work hours.

Studies found that with Google+, the activity created traffic. When the posting frequency went below three times a day, traffic also dropped up to 50%.

A study collected data from large popular brands to review how pin frequency affected traffic. The results concluded that several pins per week or three to 10 a day created the best posts-to-traffic ratio.

A study followed the timing and frequency of posting to Instagram. It found the minimum amount of posting equaled 1.5 times a day, but posting more than that continued to see positive results. If your business is looking to ramp up posting, Instagram may be the place to start. LEARN how to reach your ideal Instagram audience to INCREASE BUSINESS…  Guide to Instagram Advertising.

Research on blogging comes from HubSpot, which looked at more than 7,000 company blog habits. They concluded that increasing blog posts from three to five a month to six to eight a month resulted in twice the amount of leads.

Contact CC&A Strategic Media to see what works best for your business.

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