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Why You Should Make Mobile CRM a Top Priority

Today, online users dominate the digital realm. Several buyers are using their mobile device for research and decision making. Specifically, B2B consumers who spend much of their workday on-the-go use a mobile device to communicate and/or research products, services, and other offerings. Does your company have a strong mobile strategy? If not, your ideal client may never connect with your brand.

How Mobile CRM Benefits You
We are living in a mobile world. In 2013, smartphone and tablet use surpassed desktop use. This trend isn’t slowing down any time soon. 75% of shoppers use their mobile device inside a store before making a purchase decision. Both companies and consumers are engaging in business/purchasing activities from their mobile devices. In order to remain viable within local communities and on a global scale, companies will need to transition to mobile CRM, if they have not already done so.

Mobile CRM is much more than accessing a CRM application via a mobile device in order to record a touch point or a conversation. It entails utilizing mobile environments for the purpose of remaining engaged with consumers. Going mobile enables customer relationship managers to identify and record more ROI driving activities.

Using Mobile CRM to Get Ahead
Have you ever considered running a text campaign or sending a Snapchat after winning an industry award? Companies who regularly use mobile campaigns to engage with consumers create stronger customer service interactions, improve productivity and enhance collaboration. Creating a brand identity that consumers will want to talk about and engage with is key to thriving within the digital arena.

Consider investing in mobile applications that consumers can use on-the-go or while they are engaged in an in-store or over-the-phone interaction. These touch points allow a company to develop and improve brand recognition across the market.

From day one, it’s important to ensure that you have clear goals for your mobile campaign and a way to measure outcomes. Ultimately, embracing mobile CRM will streamline interactions and produce real financial ROI for companies in every industry. Reach out to CC&A to get started with your mobile CRM strategy today!

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