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Finding Employees In 2023

As you know, companies across the country are now trying to hire people. With this said, please answer two questions: (1) is your company now trying to hire someone new? and (2) has your company made one or more hiring mistakes in the past?  If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you need to improve your recruiting and staffing process using KeyHire. According to the Department of Labor, it can cost a company an average of one-third of a new hire’s annual salary to replace him or her, and that these costs increase the higher up the organization the turnover occurs. Think about it. Every time your company makes a mistake and hires an employee who does not work out, it costs your organization a lot of money. When mistakes are made, your company has, among other things, the costs of replacing weak employees, the long-term costs of how they treat your customers, the costs of the negative things they say to their co-workers, and the anguish you have to go through in dealing with them.

With KeyHire, hiring mistakes are all but eliminated. Why?  KeyHire involves both rigorous recruiting and comprehensive assessment of job candidates. Every single candidate who passes the initial screening is tested. You receive a detailed 20-page report on each candidate. In this report, you get an assessment of each candidate’s logical, numerical. and verbal reasoning abilities, as well as 30-key personality traits such as agreeableness, extraversion, conscientiousness, adjustment, and openness to experience, Each report also tells you each candidate’s likelihood of job success which is called the Baseline Score. Baseline scores range from zero to 100, with high scores indicating a better overall fit between the person and the position. As a general guideline, people who score 60 or better are considered to be a good fit for the position in question. In addition, you receive a rank ordering of all the candidates.  You use the reports to decide on who you want to interview. The end result is that people come on board who possess the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed for being successful in the job and in your company. They also fit-in easily with your company culture.   Culture-fit is extremely important. Every organization has a unique culture or climate, just as every person has a distinctive personality. Its culture is based on its core values (e.g., integrity, customer-focus, teamwork). No matter how impressive candidates might be with respect to their qualifications and technical competencies, they will not succeed in their new positions unless they “fit-in” with what your company stands for and how employees are expected to interact with one another and with customers.

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