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Identify and Nurture Customers with Lead Scoring: Four Tips to Get Ahead

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Lead Scoring Explained

Lead scoring is a scalable way to connect you with the right prospects for your business. This metric is based on assigned values like location or business size. Using marketing automation tools can make this seemingly complicated process quite simple.

Lead Scoring Tips and Best Practices

1. Establish Your Target Market

buyer persona concept When determining your demographic(s), you must first identify your buyer persona(s). Buyer personas are a representation of your ideal customers based on market research. They define who you want to market to through data retrieved from your existing client base. To help define your persona(s), use the ‘five whys’ model:

  1. Who is your customer base?
  2. What are they looking for?
  3. Where are they located?
  4. When do they interact with you most?
  5. Why are they engaging with your company?

These five questions will help you to learn more about your customers.

2. Pinpoint Online Behaviors of Past and Current Leads

Online behavior is critical information in determining a leads level of interest in your business. Start by asking these questions:

  • Which pages, and how many, did they visit on your website before converting?
  • Did they download any offers? If so, what did they download?
  • Did you notice any trends between your converted leads?

These questions will assist in identifying how your converted leads became loyal customers.

3. Review Email and Social Engagement

Engagement with email and social media campaigns are an easy way to determine a leads level of interest. For emails, monitor at open and clickthrough rates. For social media, look at likes, comments, shares, reposts, and clicks.

4. Consider Your Options for Marketing Automation Software

Your business is missing out if it’s not utilizing software that support the whole customer lifecycle. The proper marketing automation tool can assist with lead scoring reports, post-sale engagement, customer service, customer retention, and more.

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