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How to Keep Customers Using Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has been very successful with lead generation, but a company is missing out if it isn’t taking advantage of customer retention benefits. CC&A Strategic Media can explain the importance of thinking of the whole customer lifecycle.

Post Sale Engagement

An engaged new customer means a sale, but companies that keep customers engaged through their lifetime cycle will benefit from repeat sales, recommendations, and customer data. The amount of time it takes to follow customers through all stages of their buying cycles is where marketing automation can greatly impact a company. Let CC&A Strategic Media show you how.

Customer Service

This is another sector that is perfect for marketing automaton. The use of surveys and forms allows a company to receive feedback about how it is doing. This gives the company data to improve the processes and personalize future interaction with a customer. A feature called customer behavior scoring can identify how satisfied a customer is and respond with an appropriate message.

Customer Retention

Marketing automation identifies who has the most potential for repeat buying, as well as those considering ending their relationship with the company. Win-back strategies can be automatically initiated based on retention scores for purchase history, engagement, and latency. Marketing automation collects data on each purchasing experience per customer and updates the customer’s satisfaction score almost immediately, resulting in a well-maintained customer and a marketing team able to focus on new business.

Up and Cross-Sell

Using marketing automation on existing customers makes sense, because once a customer has bought from you, he or she is more likely to make a repeat purchase. Product recommendations, reminders that it’s time to reorder, and suggestions on related product purchases can all be done automatically.

Hopefully, it is clear that marketing automation, while appropriate for generating leads, has a much longer reach throughout the customer purchasing lifecycle. Studies show it is about 50% easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one. CC&A Strategic Media can help with these automation tools, making selling to existing customers a whole lot easier.

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