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The Top Benefits of Content Marketing

From search engines to social media, content marketing is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to reach a large number of people fast. While display ads are still bringing attention to your brand, certain types of content marketing can help your customers while growing your business, too.

Content marketing is as simple as sharing videos, blogs, and social media content that does not directly promote a brand but also connects to promising services and products. Content marketing has become a popular way to engage with a potential audience without a constant sell, sell, sell push, and instead focuses on education and brand reputation to keep buyers coming back for more.

What are the Benefits of Content Marketing?

Most seasoned businesses know what traditional marketing entails – finding new clients, setting up social media accounts, making phone calls, and sending emails. Content marketing, however, has a separate set of rules.

  • Google loves content. More people turn to the top-ranked search engine every day to find answers and get help. With SEO, or search engine optimization, businesses can target these queries and bring new and old customers to your site. Constantly creating quality, engaging content can get tons of new eyes on your products and services.
  • Be an industry expert. When people have questions, they go back to trusted sources in the industry for answers. Becoming a trusted voice in your area of expertise can build brand reputation and encourage business growth. Focus on relevant, scannable content with clear answers to frequently asked questions or hop topics.
  • Be professional with personality, too. Professionalism is key across all industries, but bringing in like-minded people through interesting and personable content can secure new clients. Instead of focusing on what other brands are doing, look at your target audience and tailor content to their eyes.
  • Stories make lifelong connections. Storytelling is one of the main components of content marketing — it adds an emotional component to a business that is hard to build otherwise. Share your mission, causes, and values with a good tale to hook your audience.
  • Cut costs on paid ads. When content marketing is done well, it can significantly decrease the amount needed for paid advertisements online, on social media, and on television. Social media and SEO are often cost-effective options in a digital marketing strategy that pack a punch, too.

How Can You Transform Your Business?

The heart of every digital marketing strategy should be content, no matter the intended platform or medium. From Tiktok and reels to blogs and YouTube, content marketing should connect and support all your digital marketing goals.

Studies show that content marketing can generate more than 3 times as many leads as traditional advertising routes. On top of that, it can also cost a whopping 62% less.

Ideally, content can also be reused, offering a great way to transform your advertising strategy without adding in tons of overhead to make it happen. A blog can quickly become multiple social media posts, display ads, email marketing, native ads, even OTT advertising material.

Customers look for consistency in a trusted brand, and content marketing can help bring your name to their feed and inbox every day, week, or month. Simply focusing on producing a consistent social media feed through blog posting is an excellent start for anyone new to the content marketing push.

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