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How to Create Buyer Personas That Work

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What Are Buyer Personas?

Buyer personas are a representation of your ideal customers based on market research. They define who you want to market to through data retrieved from your existing client base. HubSpot shares that marketing personas can make your website two to five times more effective.

Contrary to what many marketers think, creating an accurate buyer persona should not be based on your creative writing skills or the knowledge you think you have about your customers. Instead, developing a strong persona requires an understanding of real customer data.

When you take time to understand who your buyer personas are, you will be able to use them to your advantage. Defining your buyer personas will help you develop marketing techniques that will attract new leads and customers.

How to Create Buyer Personas Using Your CRM

Defining a persona in your CRM is like grading a customer account or lead. Grading an account is based on identifying data such as company size and location, while a persona definition is based on information such as job seniority (Vice President, CEO) and job function (project manager, engineer).

Your CRM should allow you to group your contacts based on their persona definitions by creating applicable custom fields. When you create custom persona fields in your CRM, you can bucket your data, run your data, and group your customers by those who are most relevant to your business.
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When reviewing your data, you might choose to look for:

  • Noticeable differences between personas.
  • Customers who take a long time to convert.
  • Customers who convert quickly.
  • The level of engagement needed before earning a conversion.

Ultimately, defining persona definitions in your CRM will help you to pinpoint which marketing techniques will most benefit your business.

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An effective CRM can add great value to your business by increasing efficiency and productivity. In addition, identifying your buyer personas will help to maximize your ROI. Contact CC&A today to get started with a CRM system that helps you to achieve the best customers.

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