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Four Types of Video to Use for Marketing

You may have heard that video is becoming an important form of content marketing for many businesses. In fact, Brainshark has found that video is 50 times more likely than plain text to get organic page ranks in Google. Buffer found that Facebook video receives an average 135 percent more organic reach compared with a Facebook image.

So how do you incorporate video into your marketing strategy? Here are four different types of video and how to use them to drive sales and coax prospects through the sales funnel.

Brand Videos

Brand videos are introductory-style videos that help prospects get to know your business, products, and services. They are particularly useful at the top of the sales funnel. These videos should be brief, unique, and entertaining. Consider using animation, or introducing a company mascot to stand out.

Explainer Videos

These videos suit the middle of the sales funnel, after potential customers have already been introduced to your brand. Explainer videos should go into more detail about how your product or service helps them solve a problem. Consider using one video per product or service, giving each one its opportunity to shine.

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Customer Testimonial Videos

Toward the bottom of the sales funnel, videos that feature real customer testimonials can add social proof and encourage a sale. This is an opportunity to show off how you have helped past customers, and to help a prospect picture themselves being just as satisfied as the customers providing the testimonials.

Event Videos

If your company hosts or attends an event, consider creating a short video about the experience. This is a great way to show members of the company team and demonstrate company culture. Long, detailed event videos can be costly to set up and produce, so consider a more budget-friendly and authentic version that can be shared on Instagram or Snapchat.

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