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Which Streaming Service is Best for My Ads?

New streaming services are launched every day with a plethora of binge-worthy content. How do you choose which one is perfect for your advertising campaign?

Over-the-top advertising offers a wealth of demographic data to get your content in front of your ideal audience with less wasted funds. Whether you’re looking for moms of 2 who work from home or a college freshman who loves sports and stand-up comedy, detailed buyer personas are incredibly helpful to create successful OTT ads on streaming services.

Best Streaming Service for Advertisers by Age or Gender

If you’re looking to target your ads to a specific demographic, over-the-top advertising on streaming services is your best bet. It has tons of available data for advertisers similar to social media campaigns but far fewer businesses are taking advantage of this service.

According to a recent study, only about 3% of TV ad budget funds are spent on OTT advertising even though at least 29% of TV viewing is done through streaming.

target audience If the millennial market is your goal, Hulu is your best option. The average age of Hulu’s 92 million ad-supported viewers is 33 years old, and nearly half of them have disconnected from cable and satellite TV completely. With the largest streaming TV library packed with modern shows and premium original content, Hulu has a broad audience of cord-cutters from a younger demographic, including Generation Z.

YouTube is one of the most popular free streaming services with millions of creators churning out content daily. If you’re looking for a large audience of male viewers, YouTube is a great starting point for OTT advertising. More than 56% of their regular audience is male — a higher percentage than most non-sports streaming services.

Advertising to children has always been a tricky game, but more parents than ever are handing over the iPad and smartphone for kids to watch YouTube. The online video website has a dedicated children’s section to keep kids from content — and ads — they don’t need to see.

However, the most popular children’s education programming creator, PBS Kids, is only available on Amazon Prime. The shipping magnet’s streaming section is a popular option for parents since it costs no additional fee on top of the two-day shipping service.

Best Streaming Service for Advertisers by Interest or Affinity

For fans of reality television and cooking shows, Discovery+ is one of the newest services with tons of content from channels like TLC, HGTV, Food Network, Animal Planet, and Travel Channel. Hulu and Sling offer several cooking competition shows and informational step-by-step episodes, too, which are primarily consumed by women.

Sports fans are a huge market that’s primarily male and, more importantly, incredibly loyal. According to Comcast, ESPN’s audience is more than 70% male homeowners.

Live broadcasts of football, basketball, baseball, and more have been one of the key reasons to keep a cable or satellite subscription in the past. However, Hulu, YouTube TV, and iHeartRadio all now include sports channels and shows while Netflix and Amazon Prime lack a sports component.

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