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Inbound Marketing: Utilizing Multiple Platforms

With inbound marketing, potential customers come to you through multiple platforms. Social media, search engines, and content like blogs are some of the primary methods of inbound marketing.

An inbound marketing platform is a comprehensive plan by which you define your audience, your marketing techniques, and how you will guide them through the sales funnel.

Did you know that you can use multiple platforms for your organization’s inbound marketing? Here’s a quick guide for getting started.

1. Do your research.

For the best marketing results, you need a well-honed, focused strategy. That begins with research and insight into marketing platforms to find the best ones for you.

The 2017 State of Inbound report indicates that there is a difference between the kind of content that consumers want and what marketers are prioritizing. This means that, once you have defined your audience, do some research into the kind of content they want.

Besides looking for the right marketing channels, it’s also a good idea to research different marketing software solutions that can help you track things like website traffic, email open rates, and social-media engagement.

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2. Choose a few strong platforms.

Once you have decided which marketing methods will have the best results for your organization, start by incorporating two or three platforms into your marketing strategy.

Be careful not to spread yourself too thin. It is better to have a few platforms with rich, helpful content than to be present on many different platforms that provide mediocre content.

3. Be patient.

Inbound marketing requires a long-term approach. Although you may see improvement shortly after implementing your strategy, it can take time for the strategy to develop and show real results.

4. Be flexible.

Don’t be afraid of change or admitting when something has not gone according to plan.

If you find that one of your inbound marketing platforms is not working for you (after you have given it some time, of course), it may be time to look at other options and switch tactics.

Ready to take on more inbound marketing platforms?

Inbound marketing remains vital for companies looking to grow and profit in this digital age. Contact CC&A for a free consultation or to answer your questions.

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