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Words That Increase Website Traffic


  • Imagine if you could influence people’s subconscious decisions.
  • Imagine if you could do this by using words that activate involuntary responses.
  • Imagine if you could use these techniques to increase your business.


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How To Increase Website Traffic

According to Internet Live Stats, there are more than 1.3 billion websites in existence, more than 3.2 billion Google searches every day and more than 7,000 tweets every second. Why would someone click on your website? Getting visitors to take action once they’ve clicked on your site is important, but you must first drive traffic. Words play a large role in this as well.

What You Will Learn

  • Which words attract visitors who are ready to buy?
  • Which words get people to click?
  • Which headline words get people to share?
  • Which emotions enhance probability of sharing?
  • Which subject lines get people to open an email?
  • Which words get people to buy?

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It’s a simple truth that words enhance value, they drive business, they motivate staff and they engage clients. In order to achieve your business goals, you must choose your words carefully, deliberately, and with traffic in mind. Because some words have the power to increase revenue. We’ve analyzed hundreds of blogs, thousands of headlines and over 10,000 tweets to find out which words generated the most sharing and re-tweets.

The Science Of Knowing Your Audience

The difference between a good marketer and a great marketer is knowing how human behaviors work. What makes you finally decide to try a new doctor, watch a different news station or switch to a new cell phone carrier? The answer lies largely in the types of words used to sell the product or service. A single word can change the meaning, the mood and the motivation of your content. The difference between “joining” and “signing up” is the difference between fellowship and enlisting.

People who search still have to click! Therefore, ranking in search engines does not automatically mean traffic. This is just one piece of a complicated puzzle, but it is an important piece.

You could be losing valuable traffic that results in driving revenue and not even know it.
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