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What Does Marketing Automation Have to do With Customer Retention?

Customer retention is a priority for any good business, especially in the first few weeks after a new purchase. Did you know that, when used properly, marketing automation can improve customer retention and encourage customer loyalty? Here are some ways to take advantage of how marketing automation can help you increase customer retention.

Get new customers started out right

The moment you close the first sale with a customer, retention and loyalty become priorities. The earliest interactions are the most important, so you should start new customers off on the right foot. Use marketing automation to launch a “welcome journey” with automated emails for new users, thanking them for their purchase and providing useful content. This can be spaced out over the course of several weeks, months, or even a year.

Provide customer service

Marketing automation can help streamline some aspects of customer support. For example, you can send out simple instructions, recommendations, or a FAQ shortly after closing a sale. These messages should include links to social media or other contact information in case they have further questions. You can also track customers on social media and send messages at appropriate times to ask how they are enjoying their purchase.

Use automation to improve content

Data and tools from your marketing automation solution can help you develop customer profiles and deliver the best content for certain leads. The data can help you assign content to existing customers or prospects. It can also help you develop new content, targeted to certain audiences.

Identify active, loyal customers

Lead scoring, a feature of many marketing automation services, can help you identify those customers who interact most frequently with your content and social media accounts. Use lead scoring to find these customers and nurture relationships with them, requesting testimonials and offering rewards and incentives.

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