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How to Lower Email Bounce Rates

When sending email newsletter campaigns to clients, leads, or previous customers, it’s always ideal that your efforts will yield a successful outcome. How can you tell if your email newsletter campaigns are doing well? Looking at open rates, bounce rates, and click-through rates, paint a picture of how engaging your emails are.

The open rate showcases the number of emails opened in comparison to the total emails that were sent. The bounce rate displays the number of emails sent versus the number of emails that were delivered. The click-through-rate reveals the percentage of people who clicked on at least one link within your email.

What is an Acceptable Bounce Rate?

According to ConstantContact, the overall average bounce rate for all industries is 10.28% for April 2021. It’s always a great idea to check in on your industry averages for the week. If your data aligns with the current industry average, you’re doing well!

How to Reduce Email Bounce Rates

  1. Curate Your Subscriber List.
    Keep a contact list of subscribers only if they’ve opted to receive your emails and have a genuine interest in what you offer. This kind of list provides more value than someone who may mark you as spam.
  2. Make Your Emails Primarily Informational, Not Transactional.
    Gain trust by sending informational, non-promotional emails.
  3. Use a Branded Address For Outgoing Mail.
    Refrain from using free email domains such as Yahoo, Gmail, or Aol. Depending on how they are used, email addresses from those domains may not pass DMARC, a record that makes it easier to prevent malicious email practices.
  4. Include Actionable Content.
    Develop enticing content with quality call-to-actions!

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