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How Much Do Google Ads REALLY cost?

Paid Search Advertising

Did you know that 71% of purchasers begin their buyer-decision process with a search engine? This number is a firm indicator that people are most likely to make a purchase decision when navigating through Google, Bing, or any of the world’s top search engines.

If you’re familiar with paid advertising, you know how simple it is to search for the best home improvement company in your area, only to be presented with an ad for “best remodeling company in Baltimore” right on your screen. This is the case for all industries, not just home improvement.

With so many purchase decisions happening online, paid search ads are extremely successful. However, because of the saturated market, paid search ads can be quite competitive.

How can you ensure your paid search ads are standing up against the competition? We’ve pulled data from WordStream and LOCALiQ’s Search Advertising Benchmarks for 2021 to provide you with an understanding of your performance relative to others within your field.


Average Cost Per Click for Search Advertisements

IndustryAverage Cost Per Click
Arts / Entertainment$1.60
Animals / Pets$2.89
Apparel / Fashion / Jewelry$2.61
Attorneys / Legal Services$8.67
Automotive (For Sale)$2.32
Automotive (Repairs, Service, Parts)$3.19
Beauty / Personal Care$3.74
Business Services$4.90
Career / Employment$3.90
Dentists / Dental Services$6.49
Education / Instruction$4.18
Finance / Insurance$5.16
Health / Fitness$3.97
Home / Home Improvement$5.75
Industrial / Commercial$4.14
Personal Services$3.46
Physicians / Surgeons$3.63
Real Estate$1.40
Restaurants / Food$1.77
Shopping / Collectibles / Gifts$2.23
Sports / Recreation$1.73


Cost per click depends on several factors, such as the level of competition for a keyword, audience, location, and your bidding strategy.


Average Click-Through Rate for Search Advertisements

IndustryAverage Click-Through Rate
Arts / Entertainment10.67%
Animals / Pets6.45%
Apparel / Fashion / Jewelry6.19%
Attorneys / Legal Services3.84%
Automotive (For Sale)7.93%
Automotive (Repairs, Service, Parts)5.39%
Beauty / Personal Care5.44%
Business Services4.72%
Career / Employment5.33%
Dentists / Dental Services4.69%
Education / Instruction5.46%
Finance / Insurance5.07%
Health / Fitness5.94%
Home / Home Improvement4.21%
Industrial / Commercial5.34%
Personal Services6.12%
Physicians / Surgeons6.11%
Real Estate7.75%
Restaurants / Food7.19%
Shopping / Collectibles / Gifts6.33%
Sports / Recreation7.73%


Click-through rate influences your quality score and assists with targeting the right consumers. Your quality score is based on keywords, content, and metrics, which all determine how a search engine increases or decreases the minimum amount necessary to bid for ad position.


Average Cost Per Lead for Search Advertisements

IndustryAverage Cost Per Lead
Arts / Entertainment$36.23
Animals / Pets$14.88
Apparel / Fashion / Jewelry$46.06
Attorneys / Legal Services$73.70
Automotive (For Sale)$42.95
Automotive (Repairs, Service, Parts)$17.81
Beauty / Personal Care$51.42
Business Services$62.18
Career / Employment$53.52
Dentists / Dental Services$42.95
Education / Instruction$50.91
Finance / Insurance$62.80
Health / Fitness$41.68
Home / Home Improvement$47.94
Industrial / Commercial$43.82
Personal Services$27.94
Physicians / Surgeons$26.05
Real Estate$38.86
Restaurants / Food$20.49
Shopping / Collectibles / Gifts$20.91
Sports / Recreation$27.11


Cost per lead determines how much you spend to elicit a desired action from a consumer, such as filling out a form, calling you, or making a purchase.


Average Conversation Rate for Search Advertisements

IndustryAverage Conversion Rate
Arts / Entertainment5.90%
Animals / Pets19.19%
Apparel / Fashion / Jewelry3.60%
Attorneys / Legal Services11.54%
Automotive (For Sale)6.57%
Automotive (Repairs, Service, Parts)15.23%
Beauty / Personal Care7.72%
Business Services6.77%
Career / Employment5.31%
Dentists / Dental Services13.81%
Education / Instruction6.16%
Finance / Insurance5.51%
Health / Fitness10.39%
Home / Home Improvement13.23%
Industrial / Commercial9.37%
Personal Services10.52%
Physicians / Surgeons19.15%
Real Estate3.93%
Restaurants / Food6.89%
Shopping / Collectibles / Gifts6.70%
Sports / Recreation6.19%


Your conversion rate tells you how many individuals who clicked on your ad actually converted into a lead.


Consider the Benefits of Google Ads

Almost everyone you know uses Google daily. That’s why it’s an important place for your business, whether it be small or large, to have a strong presence. If you’re not capitalizing on the benefits of Google Ads, your business might be missing out. Here’s why:

  • Everyone uses Google. Inc. Magazine describes Google as a not just a brand, but “a verb used to describe looking something up.” When you create responsive search ads on the most popular search engine, your consumer reach will extend exponentially.
  • Google has an extensive list of targeting options. Google provides retargeting software for you to pinpoint the right personas.
  • You see fast results. The Ad Words dashboard provides you with ads clicked, keywords that website visitors entered, and the cost of the clicks, all in real time.
  • You get a high ROI. Different from other marketing strategies, you only need to pay for the ads individuals click on. However, this takes time. Once you’ve tested and tracked a handful of campaigns, you can focus your budget on the areas of your campaigns that yielded the most success.


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