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How Many Social Media Channels are Too Many?

Some companies post marketing content on every social media channel that exists, but there is an art on how to use social media for businesses. Contact CC&A Strategic Media for social media guidance. We understand that not all social media channels are appropriate for all kinds of content. Knowing which content each social media channel can best showcase and knowing your customer well will put your content in front of the right people more often.

Know Your Audience
The first thing to consider is which social media channels your target audience most frequents. Doing this research up front can save businesses time, instead of posting to channels and receiving little or no following. Considering your audience’s demographics and what industry they are in can help identify which channels to target.

Once you know which social media channels your target audience is on, you can plan the best content for each of these platforms.

When companies create content to reach a wide market, they want to share it on Facebook. At last count, Facebook had about 14.5 billion users. This makes it the perfect place for companies to attract new customers and share what their companies are all about. Keeping the information general will attract readers who are not familiar with your field but may have a need for your services.

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Twitter is an ideal platform to share short bursts of information frequently, because followers are viewing on their mobile devices while on the go. Using hashtags allows followers to search for your posts and home in on what is relevant to them. Choose content that is more specific for followers who know your field and seek details to solve problems or gain knowledge. Businesses using Twitter must post several times a day to up their chances of being seen amongst the busy influx of posts.

Visual content is best suited for Pinterest. Create memes and pictograms to relay information visually. Pinterest attracts more females, so use this to focus on areas of your business that will gain female interest.

Instagram is ideal for younger audiences. This platform focuses on visual information and requires frequent posting like Twitter.

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The evolution of social media means sometimes changing how your company uses it. Let CC&A Strategic Media show you how that works.

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