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Connecting to Customers with a Custom CRM Community

Customer relationship management extends far beyond the tracking system your business uses. Effectively managing customer relationships is a complex business goal, involving data insight, technology, psychology, and processes. Instead of looking solely at ROI reports and user adoption statistics, companies may want to focus on creating new pathways of connection with their consumer bases. Doing so will improve conversion rates and overall brand identity.

What’s a CRM Community?
Creating CRM communities takes advantage of the existing interactions that happen in the marketplace. Mobile check-ins, social media mentions, and website engagement all represent touch points between companies and potential consumers. A CRM community, much like a focus group or a 3rd party review site, provides a mineable space businesses can use to optimize their existing marketing strategies.

For instance, instead of spending weeks trying to analyze demographic reports to determine the viability of a new product offering, a company might focus on creating an online forum for development feedback or launch a Twitter or Facebook poll that achieves two purposes: facilitating brand engagement and learning what consumers want. With hard research and community involvement, a brand can confidently move forward with any campaign, product launch, or other new marketing or sales endeavor. CC&A Strategic Media can help you get started. Call us today!

Creating Channels for CRM Communities
For customer relationship managers, communication diversity is key. You want to have as many forums for conversation as possible. Look for channels you can maintain over time that also create an opportunity for data acquisition. Some companies may benefit from creating both internal and external CRM communities. Every employee who has face time with consumers (and some who don’t) have unique perspectives. Enterprises that leverage this internal intelligence can more effectively assign tasks and develop well-rounded consumer profiles.

Social media, comment-enabled blogs, and mobile apps provide an opportunity to engage with an audience in a personal manner. As a bonus, most of these channels are mineable. Instead of restricting your data reports to click-through traffic and sales, you can obtain detailed analytics regarding purchasing pathways, lifestyle profiles, and more.

Consider capitalizing on multichannel consumer interactions and breaking down internal barriers to tap into your company’s unrealized potential. In today’s digital age, the right CRM approach can help you beat the competition locally and globally. Get started today, and call the professionals at CC&A Strategic Media.

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