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Relational Intelligence: Making CRM Friendlier

Customers interact with businesses in many ways, but many enterprises fail to take advantage of relational data. They may record high level demographics and CRM reports, but they lack relational intelligence. Some companies simply don’t see the people behind the data, which can hurt marketing/sales campaigns.

Relational intelligence in marketing refers to the many ways you can create a meaningful brand connection with an audience. Many customers use a variety of pathways to reach conversion. Recognizing these and catering to diversity within a target market can empower companies to do more with each campaign. CC&A Strategic Media can help you capitalize on audience connectivity with strong data from your customer relationship managers. Contact us today!

Tips for Using Relational Intelligence Every Day
Many established physicians today recognize the benefit of a holistic approach to health. With a full picture of patient lives, they can more easily recommend preventative health measures and enact widespread changes in patient populations. In the same way, relational intelligence gives marketers an opportunity to develop a holistic understanding of the market. You see where you meet the needs of your consumers, and you discover how you add value in their lives outside of the goods/services exchange. The outcome is a successful long-term relationship built on trust and results.

Here are some simple tips for extrapolating key relational knowledge from a customer relationship manager’s data:

  • Create comprehensive buyer personas. Take consumer base analyses and start writing buyer outlines for the strongest traits in your data sets. Depending on your company goals, you may want to go as far as outlining if a certain shopper goes to an upscale coffee shop for a break and orders a complex drink or if he or she would more likely prefer an economical beverage and an hour at the library.
  • Track buyer pathways. Some people come to a brand primarily through social media exchanges, whereas others trust influencer articles. Understanding the pathways can help you focus digital campaigns.
  • Record customer interactions. Your marketing and sales teams have personal contact with consumers, which can provide far more insight than statistics. Encourage them to record specific interactions and their subjective experiences in a CRM system for reference later.

Every company uses customer relationship data to some degree. Focus on relational intelligence to make 2016 your best year yet. Reach out to CC&A Strategic Media to learn more!

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