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Marketing strategies are constantly evolving with new technology and trends. In the past 2 years, however, the digital marketing game has been turned on its head, shifting away from any face-to-face tactics and diving headfirst into all things digital.

The need for a more virtual world was bound to bring a need for change in the world of digital marketing. Add to that Google’s announcement to begin severing ties with cookie tracking in 2022, and the future of digital marketing has never been more up in the air.

The holiday season is upon us, and 2021 is finally almost over. As you start wrapping up campaigns and planning for the unknowns of 2022, evaluate what worked, what didn’t, and what steps you can take to achieve next year’s goals.

5 Marketing Trends to Adopt

Without cookie tracking, digital marketing will have to rely on some new and some proven tactics to connect with potential clients. Here are some marketing trends to remember in 2022:

  1. Virtual events are here to stay. Gone are the days of in-person trade shows and seminars. Participating in online events is a great way to advertise your brand, network with new clients, and collect data from the participants. This data collection helps remove the need for third-party information and give you a direct line to potential customers.
  2. Focus on your brand image. With the prices of Google Ads rising every year, organic growth is critical to keep your brand moving forward. Social media is a great tool to engage directly with your audience, but every feed is filled with “Buy me! Click me! Order me!” Offer personal stories, behind-the-scenes posts, employee recognition, and staff interviews. This gives a deeper connection to the company and a personalized brand image people can relate to.
  3. Ditch the sell and become an educator. Users see literally thousands of ads every day. Go beyond the basics and focus on educating and giving value to your audience, not simply pushing products and services. Educating your customers on why they need you and how your products align with your company mission. The hard sell is becoming less effective, and emotional purchasing is on the rise.
  4. Connect with your audience on their terms. Advertising has always adapted with new technology, and the latest way to watch TV and movies is also the hottest advertising market today. Shockingly, streaming video viewership today is 80% of all internet traffic. Over-the-top advertising — or OTT — is all the ads seen on streaming services. Though they look similar to TV commercials, these data-rich spots can be precisely targeted for your ideal demographic.
  5. Create B2B content. One of the oft-forgotten audiences is the business-to-business market. Creating quality content about trends in different industries can lead to trust in your brand and a future partnership. Skip the LinkedIn messages and build out a blog full of relevant topics that can be searched for weeks and months to come.
  6. Keep innovating. The things that worked this year may fall by the wayside in 2022. Continue to explore, evaluate your competition, and think outside the box for new ideas. As consumer habits have changed in a socially distanced world, so will marketing tactics moving forward.

In Conclusion

Changes are coming to marketing and the way we interact with our audience in the post-pandemic era and 2022. The death of the Google cookie will be a hurdle for small marketing firms and large digital marketing agencies alike.

Adapting to changes is constant in marketing. Taking some or all of these steps to invigorate your digital marketing plan in 2022 will keep you above the waves.

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