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Video Marketing: Consistency Is Vital to Success

By 2019, the internet will be home to an overwhelming amount of monthly global video traffic. So much so, that it would take someone five million years to watch it all! By then, video is projected to comprise 80% of all online consumer traffic. Until then, creating a consistent video schedule is a critical way for companies to keep pace with the latest marketing trends.

Creating a Video Marketing Strategy
Often times, companies are caught up in the excitement of a new video trend and forget to consider the ROI. Other companies feel that video is not a necessary element to their digital marketing strategy. However, a video campaign schedule can break up content, keep audience members engaged and strengthen marketing strategy across the board.

It is important for companies to approach video marketing with a commitment to quality and consistency. CC&A can help you reach consistent video marketing goals.

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Developing a Publishing Schedule
When developing a video publishing schedule, it is unnecessary to create new content for each release. In fact, that approach may cost more time and money in the long run. Instead, you can develop a comprehensive, enduring campaign with video installments. Develop a how-to series to accompany your new product launch or answer customers’ pressing questions as part of product development research.

Most video viewers have a relatively short attention span. It is important to create videos that are only a few minutes long. To create a strong video marketing campaign, set a goal to release a clip once a week during the campaign cycle.

For each launch, schedule video content releases with supporting marketing activities. To further enhance the process, you may want to accompany video installments with blog articles. From there, create a plan to release the video into as many relevant channels as possible. Post it on your website, social media sites, embed or link to it from newsletters and encourage employees to share the video after publication.

For more help with your marketing schedule, automation, or video marketing, contact our team at CC&A Strategic Media.

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