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3 Ways to Utilize Short-Form Videos as a Marketing Strategy

Infographics, blogs, and poignant Tweets still have their place in marketing, but the rise of mobile device use and the prevalence of social media has created a strong space for video marketing. Many businesses can use short-form video to do everything from educate consumers to creating a brand identity. Whether you’re a small community organization or a multi-national corporation, short-form video may give your marketing strategy the boost it needs this year.

Why Shift More Content to Video?
A picture can convey emotion and concepts as a snapshot of an idea. Written content can create imagery and educate readers. However, nothing is as memorable or well-rounded as video. Video combines verbal and non-verbal cues with real-world action to drive a message home. The internet is filled with blogs, social media shares, and articles, but video receives more attention than any other medium.

Companies that want to remain relevant with an audience should consider shifting some of their content to video form. Short-form video in particular doesn’t take up your audience’s time and provides an opportunity to convey a distinct message that will stick. Successful short-form videos are witty, anywhere from six seconds (a Vine video) to a few minutes, and add some value other than direct promotion. Let CC&A help you with your next video campaign.

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Types of Short Form Content That Will Make You Stand Out
Short-form video marketing presents companies with an opportunity to go outside their comfort zones. Instead of focusing on a video resume or an overview of services, companies are using short-form video to show a product in action, address customer inquiries, and make people laugh. Here are some ideas for short-form video content to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Shine a spotlight on your customers. Short-form video doesn’t have to be an in-house production to stand out. Encourage your followers on social media to upload video reviews or experiences of your brand. Let your audience market for you.
  2. Cover a current event. If something is going on in the industry or in the world at large, consider creating a short video expressing your support or your company’s expert opinion.
  3. Choose a strength to highlight. Showcase what your company does really well in a short video, and your consumers will see first-hand why they should try your brand.

Contact CC&A for more exceptional video marketing ideas!

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