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The Strategic Blogger: Improve Your Blogging Strategies

When companies start a blog, they commonly make the mistake of blogging to the world at large, rather than their niche audience. Often, their blogs address topics covering a large span of relevance to their industry. While the largest audience possible may sound like a good idea, you may lose your target audience. Companies with the most successful blogs focus on a specific audience and avoid the temptation of trying to appeal to everyone. CC&A can help your business create strategic blogging that results in increased traffic to your website.

Divide Target Audience by Three
Your target audience boils down to three sets of people – buyers, influencers, and supporters. Your buyers should be your first priority. Learn everything you can about this group of people, and use this information to choose relevant blog topics. It is especially important to know what motivates your customers to buy. CC&A can help you narrow the information at your fingertips by focusing on how this group works in the sales funnel. Once you have a good understanding of your buyers, do similar research on your influencers and supporters.

Have a List of Targeted Users to Reference
Keeping a list of targeted users nearby when brainstorming blog topics can be useful for applying those topics to your niche market. This list could be a sampling of your existing ideal customers, such as people you have created good working relationships with already. The more comfortable you feel with your target audience, the easier it is to write for them.

Choose Topics that Solve Problems for Your Target Audience
Now that you have done your research and have a better understanding of your core audience, focus on creating blog topics. What issues do your potential customers have? Call on CC&A Strategic Media to help your business develop blogs that work toward your marketing strategy and aim for your target audience.

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