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Support Your Sales Team with Marketing Automation

Automation tools are commonly associated with marketing activities, but they support sales goals, too. Many sales teams today rely on marketing automation to enhance customer interactions and keep track of activities in the pipeline. As collaboration becomes more commonplace, the lines between marketing, sales, and customer service blur. Each department has a distinct purpose, but inter-departmental activities strengthen overall company success.

Automation for Sales
Automation can improve every stage of the sales pipeline—from marketing/advertising to customer service. Each stage, however, uses different tools and functionalities to enhance its part of the cycle while improving the carryover as a consumer moves from step to step. Target every part of the sales cycle with help from CC&A Strategic Media today!

Sales teams, for instance, use CRM systems to harness information about qualified leads and offer better value in one-on-one interactions. Instead of cold-calling and pitching products to an unsuspecting audience, the benefits of marketing automation allow sales representatives to focus on leads more likely to convert over the short term.

In addition to improving acquisition, marketing automation helps sales representatives create focused customer-retention communications. As more companies realize the cost-efficiency of retention, they’re encouraging these ongoing communications between account executives or representatives and customers. The right tools allow small sales teams to do the work of larger groups.

Defining Features of Amazing Automation Tools
To reap the benefits of marketing and sales automation, a company must choose the right tools. Yours may not need all the bells and whistles of a comprehensive platform, but going for a product based on price alone may not make sense either. Keep the big picture in mind as you explore the world of marketing automation. Customer service, SaaS vs. on premise solutions, and mobile capabilities factor into finding the right suite for your company’s needs. Here are just a few criteria you may want to look for in sales-specific tools:

  • An easy-to-use and integrative CRM system. Intuitive tools enhance user adoption and increase implementation efficiency. Choose a system that supports automatic content management and integrates with activities such as email marketing, accounting, and customer service.
  • Cost-effective scalability. The solutions you choose should remain cost-effective whether you have two sales representatives or two dozen.

Support your sales team with the right marketing investments. Contact CC&A Strategic Media today to learn more.

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