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4 Social Media Tips for Construction Companies

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Appealing to your target audience through social media is a critical component of your marketing strategy. While your business can choose to post on any number of social media platforms, construction marketers say Facebook and LinkedIn are the best two channels for increasing engagement within the industry. Facebook commonly serves to increase a businesses’ brand awareness, create business-to-customer (B2C) relationships, and provide a space for advertising. LinkedIn is chiefly effective with increasing business-to-business (B2B) relationships and business growth. Whether you’re a commercial contractor or a home builder, social media has its place. Implementing creative content will take your business to the next level.

How Construction Companies Create a Social Media Buzz

Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Frequently Share Photos and Infographics

construction works with hard hats skitFrequently sharing photos, infographics, GIFS, and memes often leads clients to action and keeps an active audience. If you’re a home builder, consider sharing milestone photos. Sure, highlighting a beautiful fireplace is a great idea, but this is another way to create personal engagement and elicit positive emotions. For example, you might share a photo of first-time homeowners, tagging them and congratulating them on their accomplishment. Tags increase reach by allowing the post to show up in several newsfeeds.

Post Videos Often

In 2020, people are watching videos more than ever. According to HubSpot, 88% of marketers say that video gives them a positive ROI. Whether you choose to utilize video for educational purposes or to elicit an emotional response, it remains a key influence in driving engagement, leads, and sales. While Facebook is the most commonly used platform for video marketers, you can successfully use almost any social media platform to share videos. Owings Brothers Contracting perfectly captures how to effectively use videos for their online reviews.

Write Original Blog Content with Narrative Elements

Posting your own blog content to social media is a smart way to shape your business growth. However, it’s important to make sure your material is worthwhile for your audience. One creative way to be sure of this is by adding an element of storytelling. Add dialogue, fictional details, and visuals that tie in with your story while provoking an emotional response. Storytelling increases your reach and can create a powerful connection with your audience. You don’t need to be a published author to tell a good story!

Engage with Your Audience

Responding to comments, questions, tags, and messages on social media demonstrates how much you care about your new and existing customers. Whether you receive positive or negative remarks, it’s always important to follow up! This shows you are listening to your audience and working to understand their needs.

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