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Identifying Your Target Audience through Email Marketing

Your email marketing campaign and defining your target audience go hand-in-hand. CC&A Strategic Media explains how a strong email marketing campaign enables you to identify and reach new customers, based on your clients past interactions and trends.

Think like your Customer
Your email marketing list is likely comprised of existing customers and clients, those in which you already have established relationships with. It’s probable that you already have a wealth of knowledge about your existing clients: their specific needs, what they have needed from you in the past, how your company has helped them, what their future challenges are and what new developments can stem from that knowledge. Use this information when building upon your client base.

Thinking like your audience, rather than the creator of a product or service, will make an enormous difference when creating your inbound marketing strategies.

Trace Buying Habits and Trends
You can also utilize email marketing by analyzing the trends, such as decision making habits, of your existing customer base. Consider these questions: At what point do they decide to call you for a product, service, or help solving a problem? What social media platforms do they visit? What additional websites are they interested in?

Analyzing behaviors is one way CC&A can help you to create a strong email marketing strategy. We will help you to understand these behaviors and work with you to create information that will attract new users.

Room for Growth
Lastly, utilize the relationships you’ve created with existing clients and customers to analyze what the future holds for your business. Is there enough need in your sector to continue growing, or will you need to expand? This will depend on the level of demand in your market and the number of competitors. Take advantage of the audience you have gained. Consider creating a survey to learn more about your target audience. What are they looking for? What services are they interested in? Using a social media channel is a great way to garner natural conversations, without implying that you are conducting marketing research.

Call on CC&A Strategic Media for email marketing strategies and see the difference a properly designed email strategy can make.

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