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The Key to Identifying Your Target Audience

Companies do better marketing when they understand their target audience at every level. Often, young companies struggle to identify their key markets. Two scenarios usually happen – a business will broaden its reach as much as possible or it will narrow in on a very small sector of the market. Unfortunately, both scenarios result in maximizing efforts and decreasing profits. CC&A can help you optimize your knowledge of your target audience, increasing search engine optimization (SEO) on a national or local level.

Who is Currently Purchasing My Service or Product?
First, look at your customer needs and purchasing trends. Do this by using Google Keywords Tools to search words and phrases commonly used in your business. When a company looks at its current customer base and what challenges it aims to resolve, it has the answer to what its next product launch should be.

What Do I Know about My Competitor?
Study your competitor’s marketing strategies to best understand the market they are reaching. Use this information to improve upon a solution or branch out to provide a service above and beyond your competitor. The goal is not to match your competitor; exceed their service offerings or offer a product that solves the problem better.

What Can I Use This To Expand My Target Audience?
While researching your competitor, did you find a gap in services that didn’t meet their potential customers’ needs? If so, this is your opportunity to expand your market. Keeping up with the latest technology is a way to offer an advanced product or service. Look for other areas of opportunity, such as creating online sales offers, opening a local store, or expanding internationally. Is there an app that could support potential buyers that would put information at their fingertips?

What Is The Best Method To Attract Customers?
Once you know who is buying your products, work to make them repeat customers. To do this, research their purchasing behaviors and online search patterns. See what they are searching for by doing keyword research. Use your findings to create information they are interested in, such as blogs, social media posts, and forums.

CC&A can help you identify your target audience, then bring new customers into the fold.

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