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Getting the Most Out of Google Keyword Planner

Using the right keywords is how you will find and attract potential customers to your inbound marketing content. Many companies are using Google Keyword Planner (GKP) to research their keywords and determine if they are the best choices for their target audience. Google Keyword Planner is the new version of Google Keyword Tool. CC&A Strategic Media offers help and information on GKP that will get you ready to do your research on the easy-to-use app.

Three Search Options
Choose from one of three ways to do keyword research. Feel free to try all three to see how results vary.

  1. Product/Service – Enter words to describe your content.
  2. Landing Page – Type in your URL and it will give you relevant keywords based on the content of that page. You can also insert a competitor’s URL if you want to see what keywords they are likely using.
  3. Category – Use this option in combination with the Product/Service selection to find specific keywords for a category of your busines

After this, CC&A can help you set targets for location, language, and type of search, along with keywords to avoid. You then have three options to customize a search: Keyword Filters, Keyword Options, and Include/Exclude.

Benchmark Feature
Google uses a benchmark feature to compare your searches to advertiser’s searches. This allows businesses to compare their ad impressions to their competitors’. This feature also provides additional keyword research specific to advertisements.

GKP Flaws
GKP is only as good as the information put into it. If misspelled words or phrases are used that change the word order, GKP will recognize these are different words, resulting in a lower ranking.

Take M&M candies, for example, and look at all the ways it can be written out: M&M candies, M&M candy, M and M candy, M & M Candies, or M&Ms. If a candy store is looking to add its top candy sellers as keywords, GKP may not rank M&Ms as having as high of a volume search as it probably does.

The details matter for GKP, and the experts at CC&A Strategic Media understand the details. Call on us today to help you with your keyword planning.

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