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Email Newsletter Tips for Home Remodelers, Home Builders, Landscapers, and Beyond

Email newsletters are a key strategy of any marketing campaign. A well-designed newsletter increases brand awareness and reminds your clients of the most up-to-date happenings within your company. Whether you’re a home remodeler, home builder, landscaper, or beyond… email newsletter campaigns can provide value to your business. Here’s how.

Creating a Successful Newsletter

Email is part of our everyday lives. Often, checking our inbox is one of the first things we do when we wake up! Email campaigns are utilized by several residential and construction service companies to communicate with both new and existing clients. Creating a successful newsletter campaign requires your business to consider a few components.

A Strong Call to Action

An email newsletter traditionally consists of five elements: the subject line, header, layout, content, and footer. However, the most critical factor of your newsletter is the subject line. The subject line is a short, call-to-action that has the power to decide whether your subscribers will choose to open or dismiss your email. A great subject line needs to be short, attention-grabbing, and concise. For your newsletter to stand out, a creative hook is necessary to garner the attention of your subscribers. One current trend is to replace verbiage with emojis. This adds color to an otherwise black and white inbox, allowing your email to make an initial, bold statement to your subscribers.

Visual Appeal

If a subscriber chooses to open your email newsletter, they will likely view it for a matter of seconds before deciding if your content is worthy. It’s important to design with a purpose and keep it simple. You don’t want your readers to feel overwhelmed by too much clutter. Nevertheless, excellent graphics are vital to creating an effective email newsletter. Your graphics should draw your readers in, send a message, and elicit an emotional response. Most email business platforms will allow your graphics to serve as clickable links. Sharing the right graphics will help to further your company’s marketing goals.
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Device Compatibility

The overwhelming majority of email newsletters are opened on a mobile device. According to HubSpot marketing statistics, around 70% of people open their emails from their mobile phone and 30% open their emails elsewhere. Therefore, when designing your newsletters on your desktop or laptop computer, it’s imperative for you to ensure your emails are compatible via mobile devices as well. A responsive email design will ensure your creative efforts do not go to waste.


Ensure your branding is consistent with each newsletter you send. Decision makers look for content that is easy to recognize. Subscribers should know when they’re opening an email from your company each time you send out a new update. Utilizing the same, eye-catching fonts, color schemes, and logos are significant in maintaining consistency and standing out amongst competitors.

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