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Combining Customer-Generated Content and Video Marketing

Marketing executives can spend hours trying to come up with enticing video content to drive their company’s branding message. Customer-driven content demonstrates the passion the customer has toward a brand in a way company-driven content can’t. Using customer-generated content is also a fantastic way to really get to know consumers.

More businesses are taking advantage of this marketing strategy because it sounds more honest and less sales-y. See how companies are getting their customers to create original content for stronger marketing campaigns.

Create a Contest

Ask followers for video submissions demonstrating why they love your brand, the funniest place they have used your product, or to come up with their own commercial. Design contest rules to avoid any damaging or unwanted actions being captured on video. Then offer up a product or service for the best videos, and watch the entries pile up. Companies have received very emotional videos of fans sharing their deep connection with their brand as well as some really hysterical handmade commercials that have taken the brand to new levels.

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Hold an Event

Some companies may worry about loss of control when fans are on their own to create footage. If this is a concern, consider creating an event where you can control the lighting, background, and other stylistic features. Invite your followers to attend and participate in making a video. They provide the content, while your team controls the technical aspects. This does limit submissions to one location, unless your budget allows for multiple events across the country. Either way, this is still a viable way to access content.

Experience Videos

This was mentioned briefly when discussing the contest idea, but documenting a fan’s experience with your brand can be a very rewarding endeavor. Fans love to share their emotions related to the first time using your brand or why they have remained a loyal customer for so long. Asking for these videos to be submitted on social media is a very organic way to advertise. This kind of promotion is successful because it is honest and unedited by the company.

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