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Call to Action for Your Video Marketing Campaign

A video can entertain, inform, or instruct, but without a proper call to action (CTA), it doesn’t qualify as ideal marketing material. Some video producers subtly insert CTAs into their video descriptions when they post them on social media, but a well-crafted verbal or visual CTA in your video will give your viewers the information they need to act.

Crafting a CTA for Your Video Marketing Content
Over the years, marketers have discovered CTAs that are too strong don’t necessarily produce results. The bright neon popups with flashing buttons and randomly bolded lettering annoys viewers more than it encourages them. You can artfully incorporate a CTA that drives marketing activities, and the professionals at CC&A Strategic Media are ready to help.

Before you craft your video, think about its purpose. Do you want to increase brand exposure, drive traffic to your website, or encourage a direct purchase? Understanding what you hope the video will accomplish can help you choose the right language and format for your memorable CTA.

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Types of CTAs
Here are a few viable CTAs that will stimulate your audience without making them feel like your content is just another gimmicky marketing plug:

  • Embed a link. At the end of a video, you can embed a link to another video or your main website. Design it to flash up on the screen for no more than 5-10 seconds before the clip cuts off, and use a written CTA to encourage users to keep clicking your content.
  • Reconsider the popups on YouTube. If a viewer is really interested in a video, a popup is usually more annoying than anything else. Unless you format your popup with some really interesting video commentary, leave the written CTA for the notes or at the end of the video.
  • Include dialogue when possible. Unless you know it will have an adverse effect on your audience, record a short CTA at the beginning or end of the video. Ask a question, and make a simple request. Ask your viewers to like or share the video if you want to earn better visibility.

Your CTA doesn’t have to be fancy, long, or obnoxiously salesy. Get to the point, and have some fun with it. Still can’t find the right CTA for your video? Reach out to CC&A Strategic Media to create your best video campaign to date.

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