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Best Strategies for Organic SEO

In order to remain competitive, companies must see search engine optimization (SEO) as a long-term strategy. Often, new companies will start from scratch, while their competition has had years to optimize their content. Developing a strong SEO strategy is a continuous process. The good news? Hard work pays off. The following steps will help your business achieve more organic search results and maximize your SEO.

Page Content that Matches Keywords
High quality content and strong keywords are a powerful way to achieve high search engine rankings. It is essential that your company researches which keywords to use and reinforces those keywords by providing the content readers are expecting through their search. Additionally, a connection to all of your site pages is also important in order to maximize search ranking. This connection can be through a site map. Your company can enable all pages to link back to a main page or link external content back to your website.

Frequency of New Posts
Search engines seek out the newest content and rank it ahead of similar, older content. For this reason alone, companies that publish more, reap the benefits of improved SEO. The more content that is on your site will increase your site traffic which, again, is recognized with a higher ranking. Businesses that post several times a day will see significant movement in their rankings.

Off-Site Linking
Linking back to your website when posting a blog on another website or social media channel is an effective form of off-site linking, but does require a delicate hand. This can be successful when it doesn’t come off as an obvious sales tactic. Linking to popular brands within your industry is another form of off-site linking that improves SEO. This improves your credibility and your search ranking. The final form requires someone to link to your site through his or her content.

Off-site linking may seem overwhelming, but with a little help from CC&A Strategic Media, it can transform your business.

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