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Is Radio Advertising Effective in 2021?

Despite the rise of streaming, it seems nothing can kill the radio star. Radio shows still run on more than 15,000 radio stations nationwide — and that’s a lot of untapped advertising for some brands.

Music and talk radio are both still as popular as ever. Some just now call them podcasts and stream them online instead of over the air waves. Whether cleaning your house, driving to work, or shopping for groceries, the radio is all around us.

As streaming revenue increases, radio revenue is still doing fine. In 2019, global radio revenue, including advertising, subscription fees, and license fees, reached $40 billion.

When to Use Radio Advertising

Radio advertising shouldn’t be your first or only marketing plan, but most big brands benefit from regional or national brand awareness growth just from radio marketing.

While social media is one of the most popular advertising routes and growing daily, radio is able to reach a broader audience with less work. Whereas Facebook and Instagram target very specific markets, radio audiences can be from almost any demographic.

This also makes it hard to show concrete customer conversion to prove the strength of radio advertising. However, even now, more than 85% of the adult population still listens to the radio on a weekly basis.

Radio marketing, also known as push marketing, is simply pushing your message out to a broad audience, whether they’re in the market for your product or not. Luckily, radio listeners are incredibly loyal. Maybe they don’t need a refrigerator this year, but after listening to your ad for 3 years on their favorite radio program, they’re more inclined to go with your brand because of loyalty.

If you’re looking to drive new leads, convert sales on a specific timeline, or speak directly to a niche audience, radio may be lower on your priority list. But if you’re looking for an increase in Google search activity for your brand, radio advertising is one great tool to drive it.

Tips for Effective Radio Advertising

Radio audiences in 2021 have way more options for entertainment than generations past. Ads need to be tailored for this new wave of media.

  1. Know your demographic. When you understand the people you’re trying to reach is the first step to an effective radio ad. First ask: Who am I trying to reach?
  2. Be relevant. Once a listener wants to learn about your product or service, they’re ready to absorb all the information you’ve got to throw at them — where to buy, how to order, special deal codes. If listeners can see themselves using the product when they’re stuck in traffic, you’ve already gained a potential customer.
  3. Be hard to ignore. Trends are great, but the best advertising is unique and interesting in comparison. Don’t worry about what your ad “should” sound like — tell your brand story, your way, and keep that authentic voice.
  4. Be simple and clear. One of the biggest pitfalls you can make is having a complex, complicated ad that goes right over most listener’s heads. Don’t throw too much info at your radio audience — think of a casual but concise conversation about what you do best.

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