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  • Aida Keehner

    With over 30 years of experience in the Information Technology field, I manage and advise SMBs across a multitude of verticals for all IT related matters. Using a Managed Services Platform which includes cyber-security tools, my main focus is to streamline business environments utilizing best practices, whilst insuring that Business Owners can concentrate on what they do best. I thoroughly enjoy jigsaw puzzles; which is probably why I love engineering solutions for my clients as it is the same concept; no matter what the technology used (Cloud Computing, Office 365 environment including SharePoint setup, Security, network, etc.). There absolutely nothing more rewarding than seeing all the pieces fitting together up until the point you put the very last one. I have build my business based on the same principles I use to build any relationship (Business or Personal): Trust and Honesty. I belong to multiple CEO peer groups and received the SmartCEO Brava Award for high-impact female business leaders in 2016.
  • Kenneth K. Wexley, Ph.D.

    Wexley Consulting
    Dr. Kenneth Wexley is president of Wexley Consulting • HRD, LLC, an internationally known consulting firm that offers practical solutions to enhance organizational, as well as individual, effectiveness. Since receiving his Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 1969, Ken has become internationally known as a consultant, educator, lecturer, researcher, and author. During Ken's 40-year consulting career, he has designed valid hiring processes for numerous plant level greenfield designs such as Columbus Cellulose Fibers; Duracell, Toshiba, and Varta; Bridgestone Tire; Columbus Modified Fibers; ARCO Aluminum; as well as Weyerhaeuser Company plants in Grayling, Michigan, in Marshfield, Wisconsin, and in Elkin, North Carolina. He has designed valid selection systems for hundreds of organizations such as AT&T, BP, Goodyear, Proctor & Gamble, Marathon Petroleum, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Shell Chemical, Mead Paper, Knight-Ridder Newspapers, and Kobe Copper. For instance, Ken is responsible for the design of every hourly job for BP, Inc in North America (i.e., all refineries, pipelines, BP Alaska, BP Chemical, and BP Gulf of Mexico). During the past 40 years, Ken has never lost a compliance review nor a court case regarding the validity of his selection systems. Ken was awarded Diplomate status in 1977 for his advanced competence as a consultant by the American Board of Professional Psychology. The very next year, he was awarded Fellow status by the American Psychological Association in recognition of outstanding and unusual contributions to the field of psychology. In 1989, Ken was granted Fellow status by the American Psychological Society for his outstanding research work. In addition, he has served on the editorial boards of five major professional journals. He has published more than 125 professional articles, as well as written ten books. In addition to his work as a consultant, Ken has been a professor at The University of California - Berkeley, the University of Akron, Michigan State University, and the University of Sheffield in England.
  • Len Miller

    President & CEO
    Leonard J. Miller & Associates
    Len Miller is the President & CEO of Leonard J. Miller & Associates, Chartered located in Baltimore, Maryland. The firm has a singular office from which it serves clients headquartered in the Mid-Atlantic region. The firm specializes in sophisticated auditing, accounting, business consulting, estate and trust planning and tax services for clients. We pride ourselves in our creativity and our ability to provide proactive advice. Our goal is to identify our client’s needs before they do. As our company statement says – “All accounting firms can give you answers. We give you ideas.®”
  • Chris McDonell

    McDonell Consulting Group
    Chris McDonell is the Owner, President, and CEO of McDonell Consulting Group, a licensed Sandler Training center located in Baltimore. Since 2008, McDonell Consulting Group has been helping companies with hiring, business development, sales training, sales management training, customer service training, leadership development, professional assessments, and executive coaching. Chris has worked with a wide variety of industries, from solopreneurs to international corporations, to bring skills, structure, and strategies to improve employee performance, increase revenue and develop future leaders. He has more than 30 years of experience in sales, sales management, corporate training, and executive leadership and consistently works on his own professional development. Currently, Chris is enrolled in the Leadership Maryland Class of 2021.
  • Douglas Strouse, Ph.D

    CEO Club of Baltimore
    Dr. Strouse has been a Managing Partner of Wexley Consulting since 2001. Doug received his Ph.D. in 1982. He has had extensive management and operational experience as an executive of several multi-million dollar companies with responsibilities for international subsidiaries. Additionally, Doug has consulted to numerous Fortune 500 companies. Doug has advised organizations in such areas as: leadership and management development, performance management and appraisal systems, organizational change and development, and executive coaching. He has also spoken extensively on these subjects to various groups throughout the United States. Doug is very active in the business community. He is currently President of the Chief Executive Officers (CEO) Club of Baltimore, a 501(C)3 non-profit organization which strives to provide a forum to educate executives of small, mid-size, and larger companies such as America On Line (AOL). Additionally he facilitates a Presidential Advisory Council, a subgroup of the CEO Club, which acts as a board of advisors for its members. He has also served on the board of directors for numerous corporations and non-profit organizations. Doug is the co-author of the Secrets of Resilient Leadership as well as Stronger – Develop the Resilience You Need To Succeed published by the American Management Association. Additionally, he is the author of over 110 professional articles.
  • Steve Taormino

    President & CEO
    CC&A Strategic Media
    Stephen J. Taormino is a Keynote Speaker, Expert Witness, and the President & CEO of CC&A Strategic Media, a marketing and communications firm. Starting as a website design firm, Steve quickly realized the potential of digital communications and transitioned the company into a full-service agency. He strategically positioned the company as the leading agency in marketing psychology and human behaviors as they pertain to digital communications and business development.
  • Jack Taormino

    Executive Vice President
    CC&A Strategic Media
    CC&A started in 1999 as a website development and technology company. In 2002, we build a separate division for digital marketing. Today, most people know us a full service marketing agency. We work with organizations across the country to ensure their marketing strategies are working together for maximum ROI. Our differentiation in the market is our ability to uniquely combine marketing psychology and behavioral analytics with robust technological solutions.
  • Lauren Aversa

    Director of Web Operations
    CC&A Strategic Media
    As a tech support manager, my experience has provided me with a vast background in not only IT and management but in marketing, advertising, customer relations, and much more. My strong attention to detail in a highly dynamic and changing environment allows me to lead efforts to ensure reliable, quality, delivery of IT services. I have experience in troubleshooting, managing technical support a team and providing solutions to software problems.
  • Susan Manno

    A trusted leader and advisor, leading TANDIUM Corporation to the status of one of the most "watched" companies in the PEO and ASO industry. My career experience and successes, not void of being faced with difficult challenges, positions our clients to focus on advancing the growth of their respective businesses, leaving administration and the business challenges to our "powerhouse" team. After 25 years, I continue to hold a passion to advise and provide guidance in Human Resources, Employment Law, Client Services and Corporate Operations.
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