Marketing Strategy for Construction Companies — 8 Ideas

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Add Value to your Construction Business with these Eight Strategies

Marketing Strategy for Construction Companies


The construction industry is a comprehensive operation made up of several moving parts. A construction project life cycle entails many key factors such as project initiation, planning, execution of a construction timeline, monitoring of project performance, and a final review of the completed job. With these steps taking up so much time, planning a marketing strategy can sometimes be an afterthought. However, like other businesses, construction companies need a well-designed marketing strategy to remain competitive in the field.

Best Construction Company Marketing Ideas


  1. Go Digital

There are always new competitors for clients to consider, and they may be one step ahead. In an increasingly digital market, your construction business needs a modern online presence in order to stay competitive. The first step of creating a stellar construction marketing strategy requires building a responsive website design. A responsive website design will preserve your online connection with your clients.

  1. Build a Unique Brand

How clients perceive you is important. People view websites for a matter of seconds before deciding if your business is trustworthy. Designing with purpose and keeping it simple is key, as leads are more likely to convert if they aren’t overwhelmed with too much information. You can build your construction brand, increase trust, and improve credibility by updating your website content often. Your reputation increases when consumers are able to find you online.

  1. Drive Engagement with Social Media

Appealing to a relevant audience is critical in leading clients to action. Construction marketers say Facebook and LinkedIn are the best two channels for increasing engagement within the industry. Facebook commonly serves to increase a businesses’ brand awareness, create business-to-customer (B2C) relationships, and provide a space for advertising. Facebook is generally successful in targeting Generation X (those who were born between 1965 and 1979) and Millennials (those who were born between 1980 and 1994). LinkedIn is chiefly effective with increasing business-to-business (B2B) relationships and business growth. LinkedIn frequently targets the Baby Boomer Generation (those born between 1944 and 1964), Generation X, and Millennials. Even if you’re a commercial contractor, social media has its place. Frequently sharing photos, infographics, and videos on both Facebook and LinkedIn will lead clients to action and keep an engaged online audience.

  1. Explore the Benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for any construction business to remain relevant. SEO will help people find information about your business while they search the web. With the help of a successful SEO strategy, potential prospects are more likely to find your website through a simple Google keyword search. Potential prospects are also more likely to find your website when you understand what they’re looking for. This means your company needs to choose the best keywords for your website content. When your company provides website content that readers are expecting through their online search, you will generate higher search engine rankings in Google. Posting relevant articles or featured projects daily are examples of ways to increase your website traffic and produce higher search engine rankings. When more prospects can find your website, your construction business will be more likely to increase website traffic, build more relationships, and attract new leads.

  1. Generate Leads by Using Reciprocity

Reciprocity is when one person does an action that causes another person to pay them back. It can help to generate leads. Construction businesses can provide effective and compelling information through free podcasts, videos, or articles. If a client obtains real results from your informational resources, they will be more likely to pay you back with loyalty. One example of reciprocity that can be used within the construction industry is offering free estimates. Free consultations, estimates, and samples increase customer loyalty. When a lead works with you free of charge for a certain length of time, they feel more connected to the brand.

  1. Develop a Consistent Customer Experience

Construction businesses should ensure satisfaction across all stages of the construction project lifecycle. One way to keep clients satisfied through your digital marketing strategy is by listening to their praises and pain points. Key performance indicators (KPI’s), such as client satisfaction surveys, can be shared to monitor progress, pinpoint areas of improvement, and hold teams accountable for delivering a great customer experience. Another way to monitor contentment is by knowing the voice of your clients. This can be done by monitoring client feedback through live website chats.
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  1. Form Strategic Partnerships

Connect with a larger community by forming strategic partnerships with neighboring, complimentary businesses. Taking advantage of another experts’ audience will help to generate your own credibility and benefit your construction business. One way to link with like-minded decision makers within the construction community is by connecting and interacting with relevant individuals and businesses through LinkedIn.

  1. Consider Hiring an Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Outsourced Chief Marketing Officers (CMO’s), otherwise known as qualified marketing leaders, can help construction businesses to build a strong brand in a multitude of ways. When you outsource a CMO, you’re paying a fraction of the normal salary. You’re investing in a marketing professional who is qualified to help you accomplish your goals. An outsourced CMO will help your construction business to engage new and existing leads while keeping your brand consistent. Hiring an outsourced CMO provides employees with more time to complete the jobs they were hired to do. In turn, increased employee productivity will lead to revenue growth. With an outsourced CMO, your employees can focus on the job they were hired to complete while a qualified professional works on your marketing plan.

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