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Enhance Your Customer Lifecycle Emails

Without giving it much thought, we use email every day. Since we’re naturally tuned into email by default, multi-message email campaigns are a great way to grow a customer’s relationship to your brand. Whether you’re sending informational emails, digital newsletters, product updates, or transactional emails, chances are you’re building a stronger connection with your audience over a business who does not have an email strategy in place.

lifecycle What Is Lifecycle Email Marketing?

Lifecycle email marketing is the continuous process of sending company updates through email to new and existing leads. The goal of lifecycle email marketing is to build long-lasting relationships with your customers, increase your credibility, and educate prospects on the benefits your company offers.

Customer Lifecycle Emails Best Practices

Create a strong call-to-action. In order for your email campaign to be a success, your contacts need to first open the email. Your subject line sets the stage for the rest of your email, so make sure it attracts your audience.

Determine the goal of your campaign. Are you promoting a product? Do you want to maintain a strong relationship with current customers? Whatever your purpose may be, identifying your priority will set the stage for the rest of your campaign.

Think like your customers. What matters to your audience? How will this campaign provide value to them? Answering these questions will help move your customers from the consideration stage to the deciding stage of the business lifecycle.

Pay attention to your metrics. Take note of your open and click rates. Are they what you anticipated? Monitoring your email campaign results will help you to determine what needs improvement in the future.

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