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4 Tips for a Viral Video

As video grows in popularity for digital marketers and social-media users, it becomes increasingly difficult for brands to stand out from the crowd of video content. Viral social-media content is a dream for just about any brand with an online presence, but many brands are unsure about how to create that content.

The right strategy for creating a popular online video can help your business bring that dream closer to a reality.

Study viral video success stories

Look for popular videos, both inside and outside your industry, and study what makes them successful. Although you shouldn’t directly copy another brand’s content, you can learn a lot from copying their techniques.

Since trends and consumer preferences are constantly changing, this learning should be an ongoing process for your marketing team. Create a hypothetical persona that serves as the target of your video, and think of what type of content that persona would want to see.

Don’t compromise quality

The most important feature of a viral video is quality–both in content and in a technical sense. If viewers can’t understand what someone is saying, or if the image is blurry, or the camerawork is (unintentionally) shaky, then popularity will remain out of reach.

Likewise, the content needs to make an effective, emotional impact on the viewer, otherwise it will fall flat. Aim for emotions that trigger action, such as anxiety, amusement, or anger.

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Get attention quickly

Smaller brands with fewer social followers have an additional challenge in going viral: grabbing attention in the first place. When a large brand already has many followers, they can expect a lot of their content to be widely shared. For a smaller company, however, their video has to catch the viewer’s attention right away. Take note that this includes the title, as well; make sure the video’s title is not only descriptive, but compelling.

Keep promoting your video

Content doesn’t have to catch on immediately to go viral. Once your video is available online, keep sharing and promoting it on social media. Remember the viewer persona you created? Make a list of websites that hypothetical person visits, or what social media they use, and reach out to a few of those websites to let them know about your video content.

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