Super Bowl Champion Ray Rice Rebuilds Through Faith & Community

Join Executive Report host Steve Taormino as he sits down with former Baltimore Ravens Running Back, and Super Bowl Champion Ray Rice. In this episode, Ray discusses how one moment changed his entire life, and what it takes to rebuild through faith, ... Play episode >>

Vehicles For Change President & Founder Marty Schwartz discusses mission, culture, and passion.

Host, Stephen Taormino, meets with Marty Schwartz, President & Founder of Vehicles for Change. Marty and Steve discuss resiliency and passion that come with running a successful non-profit organization. In this episode, Marty and Steve talk about... Play episode >>

Meet Maryland’s Gubernatorial Candidate Kelly Schulz with Executive Report Host Steve Taormino

In this episode of Executive Report, host Steve Taormino sits down with Maryland Gubernatorial Candidate Kelly Schulz as she discusses the future of Maryland. In her most recent role as Secretary of Commerce, Kelly oversaw the state’s primary ec... Play episode >>

How To Negotiate A Contract & Minimize Risk

Join Executive Report host Steve Taormino as he sits down with Eliot Wagonheim, Principal of Wagonheim Law, Founder of WagonheimU, Keynote Speaker & Workshop Leader, and Subcontractor Master Class Trainer. In this episode, Eliot discusses contrac... Play episode >>

Learn How To Build Strengthen & Defend Your Company Reputation!

Executive Report host, Stephen Taormino, meets with Rob Weinhold, author and CEO of Fallston Group to discuss how to build, strengthen, and defend a company reputation. You don't want to miss this episode of Executive Report! Fallston Group is one... Play episode >>

Insight Founder Mike Tich Discusses Network vs. Net Worth, and How They Are Often One In The Same

Host, Stephen Taormino, meets with Mike Tich, Founder of Insight Leadership Groups. Mike and Steve discuss Mike’s robust network of connections and his well-established position in the business community. In this episode, Steve and Mike talk about ... Play episode >>

Chris McDonell, McDonell Consulting CEO: Leadership, Culture, Retention

Host, Stephen Taormino, meets with Chris McDonell, CEO of McDonell Consulting. Chris discusses his journey of building a business from the ground up. In this episode, Steve and Chris dive into leadership topics about vision, motivation, self-improvem... Play episode >>

CEO Club President Douglas A. Strouse, Ph.D discusses best hiring practices and resiliency

Host, Stephen Taormino, meets with Douglas A. Strouse, Ph.D, and President of CEO Club of Baltimore. Douglas and Steve discuss Doug’s work as an organizational psychologist and his experience working with companies all across the country. In this e... Play episode >>
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