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How To Get Google Reviews

  • 90% of potential customers read reviews before trusting a company 
  • 88% of customers trust a review as much as a personal recommendation 
  • On average, customers spend 31% more with companies that have excellent reviews
  • Online reviews enhance local SEO rankings substantially

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How To Get Google Reviews

Wondering how to get Google reviews? The best and most obvious way to generate Google reviews, or reviews of any kind, is to simply ask. Most of the time, people who have great experiences with your company are willing to give a positive review. So why are reviews so difficult to acquire? The answer is simple… people forget.

Reminding people to give a review, without being bothersome, is the secret to building a long list of positive reviews. The best way to do this is by using CC&A’s proven Review Automation System.

What is Review Automation

Review Automation allows your organization to generate positive reviews, while ensuring negative reviews go directly to you, keeping customer complaints off of public review websites. Here is how CC&A’s review automation works:

  • Automated Screening System:
    CC&A’s platform ensures the people you want reviews from have a good experience to share, and are likely to leave a positive review for your organization.
  • Negative Review Routing:
    People who want to leave a negative review do so because they need to vent frustration. Our platform gives them the ability to leave a bad review, but keeps it out of the public eye. Bad reviews are sent to you, and you only.
  • Thoughtful Reminders:
    Our platform uses non-invasive email reminders that are proven to increase positive reviews. The timing of reminders, and amount of the reminders sent is completely customizable.
  • All Review Websites:
    Online reviews are extremely important, so why limit yourself to Google or Facebook? Our review platform works on ALL websites and generates reviews anywhere you wish.
  • Unlimited Reviews:
    We will never limit the number of positive reviews or impose additional costs. Our review automation platform has a low monthly cost that can be budgeted for.

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